From Desolation to Community

[“SHARE” JAN – MAR 2018 ] FOCUS ~ Community Development

Written and edited by: Jady Sit, Jojo Poon

At noon on 25 April 2015, Nepal was hit by the strongest earthquake in 80 years. Countless families lost their loved ones, homes, and properties. Approximately one third of Nepal’s population, 8 million, was affected by the quake. In the midst of ruthless disaster, people responded with love. Shortly after the earthquake, the world quickly pooled their resources to help. Yet, when global news coverage died down and emergency relief phased out, this was when we began to walk with the affected communities, helping them to rebuild and recover their communities sustainably for the long run.

In the last decade, CEDAR has been supporting partners’ community development work in mountainous communities in Nepal. Our partners mobilised community members to bring gradual changes to their communities, from hygiene improvement to equipping women’s livelihood skills, so they can live better lives. Though the 7.9-magnitude earthquake had destroyed most of the infrastructures and work in project communities, members and leaders of village committees villages assisted in aid distribution. Their help was vital to CEDAR and its partners to carry out post-quake response efficiently, and it also showed the fruits of development work – villagers’ knowledge and collaborative skills.

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A Family with Big Smiles | Serena Suen


Written by Serena Suen, Programme Officer

Yidenekachew, a boy’s name that means “Let them admire”, had me admiring on his shiny smile which seemed to light up the tiny room that house himself, his grandmother, his two younger brothers and his cousin. Yidenekachew’s mother lives in the rural area. Life is very hard that she could not take care of her three sons but forced to send them off to their grandmother living in the city, hoping that her children would be better taken care there.

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Meet a Need – Share a Red Packet

Once, there was a three-year-old girl who offered to share her red packet money with the needy in Africa. The money could bring her another new dress, but it could also provide several basic meals or the one and only piece of new clothing for some Africans. A new dress would be an icing on the cake, yet this little girl chose to share what she had.

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Women in Nepal Can Have Self-confidence and Dignity


The Nepalese culture is strongly influenced by male superiority and caste system values. Local women, especially those in rural districts, are rarely involved in social events or decision making processes. Not only are they unable to express their views, they are also unfairly treated and bounded by various social restrictions.

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0.3% of Unlimited Possibility

[ ‘SHARE’ Nov-Dec 2014 ] FOCUS ~ Country Development 

Written by: Fountain Chik (Programme Officer)

Salaam! This is the greeting of Bangladeshi Muslims wishing people peace. ‘Peace’ is a common wish of this harmonious people, although in reality peace and harmony are hard to find.

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Walk with Slum Dwellers in Ethiopia

Photo courtesy to Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church]

In the past summer holiday, young people and pastoral members from Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church set foot in Ethiopia through joining CEDAR Global Discipleship training scheme. The 24 days experience has proven to be unforgettable as they visited numerous families living in slums. Upon returning to Hong Kong, they shared with us the real-life stories of these families – some are still living in hopelessness, while some have regained hope through God. Here are two stories shared by the team:

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