Global Discipleship Programme


“What’s the most important thing in our lives? Are we willing to risk our lives for Jesus in all circumstances?” “Is there any value or belief so deeply-rooted in our culture that we just accept without question?” These are some of the questions raised by the participants of Global Discipleship Programme (GDP), who went on a 3-week mission/exposure trip to Ethiopia last summer. In this interview, Rev. Pak Loh, CEDAR Fund’s mission pastor, also the mastermind behind GDP, will share more about this programme that shakes up the lives of these participants, prompts them to face the world and themselves, and takes them on a transformational journey.

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Change Agents—the Extraordinary Royal Priesthood | Phyllis Kwan

[ ‘SHARE’ Jul-Aug 2015 ] TAKING ACTION

Written by Phyllis Kwan

In Hong Kong, “volunteer” is a term commonly given to all persons who offer service for free, irrespective of the nature of the voluntary service. The term puts an emphasis on the single element that the service provider does not receive any remuneration. However when I first met Hawassa in Ethiopia, I received a deeper meaning of the term “volunteer”. Hawassa is part of a woman group who act as “change agents”, educating the villagers from door to door and advocating for the abolition of the still common practice of the harmful tradition of female genital mutilation (FGM). They are no ordinary volunteers.

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Global Discipleship | Law Chung-man

[ ‘SHARE’ Jan-Feb 2015 ] TAKING ACTION

Author> Law Chung-man (Youth Pastor of Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church)

As a pastor for teenagers, my biggest desire is to nurture them with the truth, see their hearts captivated by God and their lives being totally transformed, ultimately firmly following Him.

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Walk with Slum Dwellers in Ethiopia

Photo courtesy to Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church]

In the past summer holiday, young people and pastoral members from Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church set foot in Ethiopia through joining CEDAR Global Discipleship training scheme. The 24 days experience has proven to be unforgettable as they visited numerous families living in slums. Upon returning to Hong Kong, they shared with us the real-life stories of these families – some are still living in hopelessness, while some have regained hope through God. Here are two stories shared by the team:

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