Children Ministry – Commitment and Collaboration

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Written by Clara Chiu (Head of Partnership Development)


In order to transform the society, we first have to give children a chance to grow up healthily so that they can become leaders of good character who obey God’s will.

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The Real Meaning Behind “Seventy-seven Times”



Written by: Bernard Wong (Assistant Professor (Theological Studies) and Associate Dean of China Graduate School of Theology, Board Member of CEDAR Fund)


If a Christian has been wronged, other believers often encourage her to offer forgiveness immediately, for Jesus teaches us to “forgive a brother seventy-seven times.” We may think that a good Christian should endure unfair treatment, and ought to be forgiving under all circumstances. Did Jesus really mean that?


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“Give You this Calf as a Mark of Reconciliation” – Road to Reconciliation after the Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda

Editor’s note: Looking around the world, we can find that many people in developing countries have suffered from atrocities imposed by state authorities for power struggles. Every killing left all kinds of traumas on victims, making them impossible to look into the future. The “FOCUS” of this issue shares how CEDAR’s partner in Rwanda healed the trauma left over from the genocide against the Tutsi and engaged in community reconciliation work based on cultural traditions. “BACK TO THE BIBLE” explores the scriptural context of “Seventy-seven Times”, bringing out that forgiveness is the voluntary action of the victim, and seeking the truth is the basis for reconciliation. In addition, we share our children and youth development project that CEDAR has been supporting for many years in Zimbabwe.




Written by: Edward Lai  (Senior Communications Officer)


“I give you this calf as a mark of reconciliation” says Innocent, a survivor in the genocide in Rwanda.

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An Overloaded Clinic in Lebanon



Written by: Edward Lai


The pandemic makes us realise the importance of having a sound medical system, which does not only require sufficient medical personnel, but also a stable supply of medicine.


Lebanon has been identified as a priority country in the United Nations’ COVID-19 GlobalHumanitarian Response Plan.


As the country that has the highest per capita proportion of refugees in the world, Lebanon has taken in 1.5 million Syrian and 200,000 Palestinian refugees, who currently make up more than 30% of the country population. The exponential growth of refugees in Lebanon has put the already fragile medical system under pressure. The outbreak of COVID-19 further places enormous burden on its medical services, brining them to the verge of collapse.

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When the Pandemic Never Goes Away – Implications on Poverty Alleviation and Socioeconomics

The World Health Organisation has warned that COVID-19 may never go away. This means that there may not be an end to the fight against this disease. If that is the case, how can we adapt the strategies of our international poverty relief programmes to make them more effective in helping the destitute? Do we need to change the economic development pattern which has long been taken as “normal”? As part of the Christian community, how should we continue to care for the poor and defend their dignity?

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An Urgent Expectation & Appeal from Frontline Service Organisations to the Government



Below are the fronline service organisations’ demands to the HKSAR Government, as stated in press release on 18th February:


  • Delivering masks to every student

  • Cracking down on price-gouging vendors

  • Creating short-term and part-time job opportunities


Issued by:


1. The Industrial Evangelical Fellowship (工業福音圑契)

2. The Society for Truth and Light (明光社)

3. The Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship (城市睦福團契)

4. CEDAR Fund (施達基金會)

5. China Alliance Press (宣道出版社)

6. Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement (香港教會更新運動)

7. Mission to New Arrivals (新福事工協會)

8. Family Value Foundation of Hong Kong (維護家庭基金)  


Full text of press release in Chinese:


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