Meet a Need – Share a Red Packet

Once, there was a three-year-old girl who offered to share her red packet money with the needy in Africa. The money could bring her another new dress, but it could also provide several basic meals or the one and only piece of new clothing for some Africans. A new dress would be an icing on the cake, yet this little girl chose to share what she had.

In January, some CEDAR staff visited Addis Ababa Geunet Church (AAGC), our partner church in Ethiopia and the beneficiary families there. Living a tough life, Yidenekachew’s grandmother has to raise four grandchildren on her own. Thankfully, she joined a Self-Help Group of AAGC and was able to get some small loans that helped her started her small business selling Injera (a kind of bread which is the staple food of Ethiopians). Not only did she manage to repay her loans, she is able to feed her family as well. As for Yidenekachew, he is now going to school with the sponsorship of AAGC’s children ministry. He treasures his educational opportunity deeply. The greatest wish of his grandmother is to guide all grandchildren to follow the way of the Lord.

Giving red packets is a Chinese traditional culture and a way to share blessings with family and friends. Nowadays, we would still take this opportunity to express our gratitude towards those who serve us in our everyday life, such as guards, waiters or cleaners. This year, perhaps we can bring an additional meaning to this kind gesture – to show mercy to the poor and oppressed afar. Whether you share all or part of your red packets, or even just one, it will be a pleasing act of kindness that puts a smile on His face!

John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.” (Luke 3:11)

Pray items:

  • May God watch over Yidenekachew’s family, keep their health and joy and lead them to Him
  • May God provide for AAGC, keep her ministry and let her continue to be the light in the community to glorify His name
  • May God touch people’s heart and encourage more support for “The Red Packet” and “The Gut” campaign; help us learn to give like our Heavenly Father.

If you are interested in “The Red Packet” and “The Gut” Campaigns, please click Activity Page for more details, or contact Ms. Kwan and Mr. Tang on 2381 9627.