The Letter From CEDAR | July 2019

Dear Friends of CEDAR,




In human’s perspective, a subject’s values are often determined by its benefits to people. For example, a down coat is a necessity for people living in cold areas, but often useless for those living in tropical areas. This methodology of defining a subject’s values not only applies to materials, but also to human beings. An old Chinese tale “Wu Yen” is a good illustration. When the country was in crisis, the all-rounded ugly queen, Wu Yen, gained attention from King Xuan of Qi Dynasty. However, when the war was over, the King avoided her the furthest as possible.

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Julie who Does Not Give In to Circumstances



Every individuals should be entitled to basic human rights, no matter adults or children. However, in reality, millions of children are far from having their rights secured. Children’s rights is not just an ideology, but are about children’s survival, children being free from any form of abuse and exploitation, children’s entitlement to education, children’s freedom of expression and their rights to enjoy social and cultural lives.

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“Let’s Go Barefoot, NOW!”


Written by: Ethel Sha (Participant of CEDAR Barefoot Walk 2017)


A year ago, the chief executive of CEDAR commenced the event by sending out this command. Everybody in the hall took off their shoes and got ready to step out of their comfort zones to walk around Tseung Kwan O barefoot. Since then, I have never bared my feet to walk in the city, but to learn and be aware of the issue of human trafficking with a “barefoot” spirit.


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THE LETTER FROM CEDAR | September 2018

1st September 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Hope you had a blessed summer.


My wife and I were invited to share on the handling of conflict in parenting at a fellowship group in our church few days ago. We shared about the struggle parents are facing. In Hong Kong, we do all we can to prepare our children for a successful life. This often means completion of higher education, successful career, better living environment, etc. However, less attention is paid to prepare the little ones for transforming the world.


In June and July, other than the World Cup, the world’s attention was captured by the Tham Luang cave rescue. We were thankful that all 12 boys and their coach had finally been rescued. Our prayer goes to the family of the Thai diver who lost his life in the rescue effort.

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Post-Walk: What’s Next After Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone?

Ethel, a participant of this year’s Barefoot Walk, writes, “It was my first time to join CEDAR’s Barefoot Walk. I was excited and ready to walk for the victims of human trafficking. But when the moment comes to take off my shoes, suddenly, I felt insecure: would I get bacterial infection if my feet get hurt? As if this anxious feeling was urging me to step out of my comfort zone.”

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Barefoot Walk – running with the poor

[ ‘SHARE’ Sep-Oct 2015 ] FOCUS ~ Poverty Reduction

Written by: Mindy Kwan, Senior Officer (Partnership Development)

Since the launch of CEDAR Barefoot Walk in 2001, participants have altogether walked a total distance of 42 km, equivalent to the distance of a marathon. The more we expose ourselves to poverty relief the more we will discover that it is more than ‘taking off our shoes’. Rather it’s a lengthy journey that requires long-term persistence and participation.

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