Fighting Poverty with Children in Zimbabwe


Author: Lincoln Chong

It’s kind of a dark humor to listen to your friends reminding you of the impoverished children in Africa upon the slightest hint of you wasting any food on the table. That however does depict how we typically imagine their current state to be, as the media often shows us pictures of the small African children with bloated stomachs due to malnutrition, who have generally no muscles to speak of. What the media failed to tell us was the aggregate of factors and backgrounds that caused these disheartening scenes. Zimbabwe in Africa, for example, has been notorious of its high rate of HIV/AIDS affection and an astronomically high rate of inflation. HIV/AIDS tore apart a lot of families and a lot of children lost their parents at a very young age, leaving them void of basic protection.

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Community Services of Yunnan Churches: Walking with the Marginalized

CEDAR is involved in equipping the local church leaders, seminary students, and believers of Yunnan China to personally care for the marginalized families. Axing Du (name obscured) is one of such victims not welcomed by the society.

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Tertiary Students in Zimbabwe Serve the Youngsters in Love

Fortunate lived in Zimbabwe. She was abandoned by her mother when she was small and stayed with her 70-year-old grandmother. They are poor and all that Fortunate used to eat is ground maize. Her body is semi malnourished but her family cannot afford any other food or medication.

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Invisible AIDS Orphans

Gambi treats TPT’s project manager as his father.

Can you imagine a life without parents, health and a legal identity? At birth, Gambi (fake name) contracted HIV from his mother and later became an AIDS orphan. Instead of caring for him, his aunt took his parents’ house and even abused him. When Gambi was diagnosed with tuberculosis and became seriously ill, CEDAR Fund’s ministry partner Trinity Project Trust *(TPT) knew his case from a call asking for help and then sought for police intervention. Although Gambi was 17 years old, he was NOBODY under the law because he did not have any identification! This is also why his aunt could easily steal his house and properties.

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Human Trafficking | Lisa Chai

[ ‘SHARE’ Mar-Apr 2015 ] FOCUS ~ MINISTRY


Written by> Lisa Chai (Senior Programme Officer)

It is estimated that globally about 20.9 million are affected by forced labours and among them, 4.5 million (22%) are victims of forced sexual exploitation. Many of the 20.9 million are also victims of human trafficking. During the course of my serving as a project officer in the past 19 years for CEDAR, I have the opportunity to read documents, review proposals, talk to field partners and hear from community members about human trafficking issues. It is an issue that everyone wants to tackle and stop.

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Walk with Slum Dwellers in Ethiopia

Photo courtesy to Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church]

In the past summer holiday, young people and pastoral members from Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church set foot in Ethiopia through joining CEDAR Global Discipleship training scheme. The 24 days experience has proven to be unforgettable as they visited numerous families living in slums. Upon returning to Hong Kong, they shared with us the real-life stories of these families – some are still living in hopelessness, while some have regained hope through God. Here are two stories shared by the team:

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