How much do we understand about the Bible’s comprehensive teachings on poverty?

Perhaps you wish to understand the current situation of global poverty but don’t know how? Or perhaps you care about poverty but don’t know where to start? CEDAR can provide churches with a series of seminars/sharing on poverty, providing believers a sketch of the current situation in poverty worldwide as well as the projects that CEDAR is involved in. It will also explore how churches and believers can participate in the process.

Preaching for Worship Service> Based on topic provided by your church, we can provide a biblical and theological reflection on God’s desires for the poor and explore the ways we can practice integral mission.

“Get to Know CEDAR”> Introduction of CEDAR’s mission, work and the current situation of poverty for the church fellowships, small groups and children groups. Topics include: Understanding Worldwide Poverty, Faith and Poverty, Wealth Disparity, Fair Trade and Environmental Justice etc.

Training Program/Sunday School> Organize a series of Sunday school lessons or other group sessions for churches to systematically explore the needs and situation of the contemporary world, and learn to live in congruence to our Christian identity and mission. Our long-term objective is to help churches establish small groups to continual care for any target groups and explore related topics.

Ministry Partnership> Establish partnership with churches and provide guidance and assistance in implementing and managing projects addressing poverty related issues.

For arrangement of speaking engagements or further enquiries, please call 23819627 or email sharing@cedarfund.org to contact CEDAR staff.