Walk with Slum Dwellers in Ethiopia

Photo courtesy to Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church]

In the past summer holiday, young people and pastoral members from Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church set foot in Ethiopia through joining CEDAR Global Discipleship training scheme. The 24 days experience has proven to be unforgettable as they visited numerous families living in slums. Upon returning to Hong Kong, they shared with us the real-life stories of these families – some are still living in hopelessness, while some have regained hope through God. Here are two stories shared by the team:

Playful and active, this boy loves to seek attention. He lives with his mother in a tiny room in the slum. The tiny room could accommodate only a few people, so some of the teammates had to sit on each other’s laps to listen to this family’s story. This family is victim of HIV/AIDS which took away their father. Because of this illness, they were shunned by their families and friends, and after the mother converted to Christianity from Islam, they even faced further religious persecution, making life even harder for them. CEDAR’s partner Addis Ababa Geunet Church (AAGC) provided livelihood support and care for this family in times of need.

Another woman living in the slum used to work as a commercial sex worker and is also a HIV/AIDS patient. After getting to know Jesus and knowing her job would not please God, she one day went to church and cried out to God about her suffering and struggles in life, and sought God’s forgiveness and help. After hearing about her situation, church members provided training and financial support in order to help her start a new life. She is now running a popular hair salon where she can share her life story while trimming her customers’ hair. You could now see a big smile on her face, this smile is not just because she has better livelihood but is also from the joy in her life transformation.

Living in slums is very difficult – amidst hopelessness, only God’s love can bring hope to them. CEDAR supports our partner AAGC in Ethiopia, to sponsor children living in slums and to empower their parents through “self-help groups”. Are you willing to walk with slum dwellers in Ethiopia?

Join us in prayer for them:

  • For our partner AAGC in Ethiopia – May God bless their ministry in the slums and help them see the needs of the slum dwellers, help them share God’s love and bring hope to the communities.
  • For people suffering from HIV or affected by AIDS in Ethiopia, pray that they will receive sufficient medical help and care & support from their communities.
  • Pray that more churches and believers in Hong Kong will open their eyes to the world, care more for the needs of the poor and disadvantaged communities in poor nations, and walk with them with prayers and actions.

Join us in stepping up and moving the world for them:

Come and join CEDAR’s Barefoot Walk on 8 November, members of Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church will share with us more real-life stories from slums in Ethiopia. Let’s experience the life in slums, walk with the slum dwellers in Ethiopia and work towards alleviating poverty! Please visit organd register online.