Community Services of Yunnan Churches: Walking with the Marginalized

CEDAR is involved in equipping the local church leaders, seminary students, and believers of Yunnan China to personally care for the marginalized families. Axing Du (name obscured) is one of such victims not welcomed by the society.

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Strengthened by God’s words in Developing the Lands

Garo is an ethnic group in Bangladesh that lives in poverty with scarce resources. The lack of technology also restricted their resources management, and their living condition is hardly improved as a result.

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Show Love to the Forgotten Ones


Development of children in China has improved significantly as the economy soars, and many UN Millennium Development Goals are reached before the target dates. However, urban-rural and east-west inequality and disparity are still huge, which means it is harder for some children in the western or rural areas to get proper education and hygiene services. The Lisu hill tribe children living along the mountainous border of Yunnan are an example.

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0.3% of Unlimited Possibility

[ ‘SHARE’ Nov-Dec 2014 ] FOCUS ~ Country Development 

Written by: Fountain Chik (Programme Officer)

Salaam! This is the greeting of Bangladeshi Muslims wishing people peace. ‘Peace’ is a common wish of this harmonious people, although in reality peace and harmony are hard to find.

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Caring for AIDS-affected families in Dali


The AIDS-affected need love and acceptance but AIDS is a taboo in China, so sufferers face rejection and isolation, and are under indescribable pressure.

CEDAR supports Fu-Kang (Rehabilitation) Home under the Dali Prefecture Christian Council (Social Service) who ministers to AIDS-affected families through:

  • Building a sharing network for PLWHA
  • Holding bible studies and worship, facilitating Christians to care for one another and to know God
  • Visiting PLWHA and their families regularly
  • Helping PLWHA to apply for social security and to handle community affairs
  • Raising community awareness of HIV/AIDS

After suffering HIV/AIDS for many years, a woman at Fu-Kang (Rehabilitation) Home finally picked up the courage to tell her family and got support from her brother and mother. Her brother says, “If Fu-Kang (Rehabilitation) Home and outsiders accept you, why can’t we?” She is very touched.

Caring for the marginalised and to walk alongside with them is to follow Jesus’ example of having compassion on the forsaken. We hope that PWLHA will see hope in their lives and receive help and support from their community.

To safeguard privacy, CEDAR rarely publishes the photos and sharing related to AIDS-affected individuals, but service towards them has never ceased. The HIV/AIDS-affected in China really need acceptance and help, and we ask that you will encourage them by love and action, and support CEDAR’s community care in China.

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