Caring for the Marginalized with Practical Mission


Written by: Tsun Wan Yan

Jesus demanded his disciples to care for the marginalized just as he did on earth. CEDAR responded to His call when we see the needs of the people in Yunnan, China. Partnering with the local churches, we have been diligently working to bring hope to those in need.

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Transform and be Transformed: Together with the Migrant Community in Yunnan


In Baoshan city of Yunnan province, about 70 families of the Lisu ethnic minority live on Gangding Mountain, which is about 128 kilometres from the city. All of them, approximately 440 people in total including children, are Christians. Their living is never easy because they have no proper household registration (hukuo) and they do not speak Chinese.

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Show Love to the Forgotten Ones


Development of children in China has improved significantly as the economy soars, and many UN Millennium Development Goals are reached before the target dates. However, urban-rural and east-west inequality and disparity are still huge, which means it is harder for some children in the western or rural areas to get proper education and hygiene services. The Lisu hill tribe children living along the mountainous border of Yunnan are an example.

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Pray for the Sojourner in Yunnan Baoshan

[ePrayer – Pray for the Lisu in Yunnan]


CEDAR cooperates with the Social Ministry Deaprtment of a church in Yunnan Baoshan, targeting the disadvantaged people and communities in helping them to live out a dignified life.

Yunnan Lisu tribe originally lived in the barren mountains, some of them came from Myanmar. In order to escape the bad situation, they are living in a long wandering life, surviving on short-term jobs. They have no identity, no land, don’t know the language thus not self-sufficient. Since they live in poor sanitation environment and are lack of medical care, diseases spread quickly and widely, and infant mortality rate and maternal dystocia are quite high. In spite of all these unfavorable factors, between the mountain of Gan Ding and Gao Li Gong Shan lives 66 families of disadvantaged people, representing more than 400 adults and children, who are all Christians.

Pray for the Lisu in Yunnan:

  • May they receive social security by having a legal status, having the basic dignity and identity, and no longer live a wandered life.
  • May there be enough resources and manpower to improve their hygiene, to provide medical care, to give basic education, and to make agricultural cultivation possible.
  • May the long-term problem of food shortage be solved, and everyone can have enough food to eat.

Approximately 1,500 people will benefit from this project.

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