Together We Nurture the New Generation of Bangladesh


Bangladesh’s literacy rate is less than 50%, and it is dangerous for border-area children to travel long distances to state-run schools in the cities. Since 1999, World Concern Bangladesh (WCB) as financially supported mountain area primary schools and provided training for teachers.

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Let Their Dreams Come True


Those who have met the beneficiaries of the ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ Children Ministry Scheme will discovered that regardless of where they live, children have their own dreams, and all cherish any learning opportunities. Perhaps such is the result of being honed by the harshness of life.

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Rest ~ Recover ~ Resume | Chan Pui Si

[ ‘SHARE’ Nov-Dec 2014 ] CEDAR’S BLOGGER

Written by Chan Pui Si (Director of Field Operations)

I had set aside poverty relief work for a time and it is by God’s grace that I can resume this work. It is highly meaningful as I continue in this ministry and testify to God’s work in various places among different peoples.

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Hope Yet for Children in War Zone


Myanmar’s Mon State suffered civil war for 60 years resulting in many broken up families. As they fled, parents were separated from their children and hid themselves in deep forests for years in order to stay safe. They feared for the lives of their missing young children.

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Looking at Father God’s World | Samantha

[ ‘SHARE’ Sept-Oct 2014 ] TAKING ACTION

Written by: Samantha Wong

It is hard to maintain one’s beliefs and dreams in a stifling society. Instead of blindly following the world in aiming for a good job, it is better to spend time identifying one’s purpose in life and run towards one’s goal. I decided to spend my gap year seeing and delving into Father God’s world, and I had the precious opportunity of spending three months at CEDAR.

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Caring for AIDS-affected families in Dali


The AIDS-affected need love and acceptance but AIDS is a taboo in China, so sufferers face rejection and isolation, and are under indescribable pressure.

CEDAR supports Fu-Kang (Rehabilitation) Home under the Dali Prefecture Christian Council (Social Service) who ministers to AIDS-affected families through:

  • Building a sharing network for PLWHA
  • Holding bible studies and worship, facilitating Christians to care for one another and to know God
  • Visiting PLWHA and their families regularly
  • Helping PLWHA to apply for social security and to handle community affairs
  • Raising community awareness of HIV/AIDS

After suffering HIV/AIDS for many years, a woman at Fu-Kang (Rehabilitation) Home finally picked up the courage to tell her family and got support from her brother and mother. Her brother says, “If Fu-Kang (Rehabilitation) Home and outsiders accept you, why can’t we?” She is very touched.

Caring for the marginalised and to walk alongside with them is to follow Jesus’ example of having compassion on the forsaken. We hope that PWLHA will see hope in their lives and receive help and support from their community.

To safeguard privacy, CEDAR rarely publishes the photos and sharing related to AIDS-affected individuals, but service towards them has never ceased. The HIV/AIDS-affected in China really need acceptance and help, and we ask that you will encourage them by love and action, and support CEDAR’s community care in China.

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