Global Discipleship Programme


“What’s the most important thing in our lives? Are we willing to risk our lives for Jesus in all circumstances?” “Is there any value or belief so deeply-rooted in our culture that we just accept without question?” These are some of the questions raised by the participants of Global Discipleship Programme (GDP), who went on a 3-week mission/exposure trip to Ethiopia last summer. In this interview, Rev. Pak Loh, CEDAR Fund’s mission pastor, also the mastermind behind GDP, will share more about this programme that shakes up the lives of these participants, prompts them to face the world and themselves, and takes them on a transformational journey.

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The Church Without Walls | Rev. Pak Loh

[Sharing on the trip to Nepal]

In early June, we were sent to Nepal for the earthquake relief. We joined our local partner Leadership Training Department (LTD) and brought food aid to a remote village in Gorkha, located near the epicenter of the first earthquake on April 25. It was already midnight when we arrived. All ladies were arranged to stay in a temporary metal hut while the men were to sleep on the ground in a literally wall-less church. What an experience!

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