“Go on fighting!” Interview with CEDAR’s Acting Chief Executive

Editor’s note: CEDAR turns 30 this year! As our colleagues look back on the past years of poverty alleviation work, what touches us the most is not simply how many people our work has benefited, but the smiles of the poor. CEDAR’s work is not simply to alleviate the poor’s hunger or to give them warmth; it is to show them a life filled with respect and one that is worth living. Under “Focus” of this issue of SHARE, our Acting Chief Executive shares her past 30 years of serving the poor, just like CEDAR’s 30-year mission. “Blessings by Offering” introduces our development work in Myanmar and shares the story of former beneficiaries returning to their villages to rebuild their hometowns. “Back to the Bible” is the passage about peace and reconciliation excerpted from our recently launched Christian devotional app “施予達仁”. We hope that during these tumultuous times, we can still strive to be sons and daughters of peace.




Written by: Edward Lai  (Senior Communications Officer)


When she was young, she walked through the northwest, southwest and central plains of China. She used to climb mountains and ridges; not to visit the most beautiful lakes and mountains or participate in cross-country competitions. She went to respond to the clear voice in her heart – to serve the poorest of the poor.

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Remember Zimbabwe HIV/AIDS Orphans and Families

[ePrayer – Pray for HIV/AIDS Orphans’ Families in Zimbabwe]


CEDAR’s partner Family AIDS Caring Trust (FACT) is putting its most efforts in Zimbabwe to care and receive HIV/AIDS-affected families and HIV/AIDS orphans. Recently due to a need arisen from service expansion, a new pastor has joined coordinating the caring work in Sakubva District. Long-term food shortage is still a problem in most families and many families can only have 1-2 simple meals per day. As such, FACT is now working very hard on introducing ‘livelihood assistance’ element into all its mainstream projects, for instance, the Income Saving & Lending (ISAL) programme. In ISAL, the participants are divided into different groups. Each group then agrees on an amount of money to save every month by every group member. The pool is then available for any group member in need who wants to operate a business of his/her own.

Pray for HIV/AIDS Orphans’ Families in Zimbabwe:

  • May our Lord help and strengthen the newly joined pastor so he can quickly adjust into the ministries.
  • May our Lord provide for all the needs (especially food) of our beneficiaries and maintain their well being. 
  • May our Lord use the ISAL programme to support and enrich the guardians of the HIV/AIDS orphans. 


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