CEDAR’s people. CEDAR’s touch.

Photo: Bonnie with her husband who has supported her throughout the years.




Written by: Edward Lai  (Senior Communications Officer)


Editor’s note: In this issue of ‘Learn a Little More’, we’ll introduce you to our ‘coffer keeper’, Bonnie. Through sharing her experiences and thoughts while serving with CEDAR, you will understand more about what kind of Christian community CEDAR is, and witness God’s unending grace.

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Continually Inspired, Unchanging Mission

Editor’s note: This year marks the 30th anniversary of CEDAR. This year is not only a year of celebration, but also a year that teaches us to move forward courageously by standing firmly on the foundation built by our predecessors.

In this issue of ‘Focus’, we will share exciting testimonies from our 30th anniversary event and the direction our ministry is headed towards. We encourage you to continue to walk alongside us on this journey. We also interviewed a staff member who has served at CEDAR for many years where she shared stories about being part of the organisation. (‘Learn a Little More’). Additionally, we lead everyone in reading the Bible through the eyes of marginalised communities, which allow us to change the way we interpreted scripture (‘Back to the Bible’). Lastly, we invite everyone to participate in our ‘Beyond Feeding the Poor’ initiative to witness and cheer on the transformation of lives.




Written by: Edward Lai  (Senior Communications Officer)


A Haitian woman sits on the floor beside several circular mud cakes. She rubs pieces of dust off the mud cakes, and slowly puts the cakes into her mouth, chewing slowly. To her, and to many other Haitians living in poverty, these cakes – made by mixing mud with water and salt, kneading the mixture into the shape of a cake, and setting the cakes under the sun to dry – were their daily meals; their life-saving meals.

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Dear supporters,


In just a year, I went from being the Acting Chief Executive of CEDAR to officially becoming the Chief Executive. Thanks to the trust of my colleagues and the board members, I have the opportunity to continue to assume the leadership role of the team. I am also grateful for the team’s concerted efforts. Even in the middle of COVID-19, we have been able to continue with our poverty alleviation project supervision and evaluation, as well as local fundraising, education and a series of activities and promotion work for the CEDAR’s 30th anniversary. We have also received the support and dedication we hoped for, so the projects and ministries supported by CEDAR have not been greatly affected by the pandemic. For this, I sincerely thank the team for their hard work and dedication.

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“Go on fighting!” Interview with CEDAR’s Acting Chief Executive

Editor’s note: CEDAR turns 30 this year! As our colleagues look back on the past years of poverty alleviation work, what touches us the most is not simply how many people our work has benefited, but the smiles of the poor. CEDAR’s work is not simply to alleviate the poor’s hunger or to give them warmth; it is to show them a life filled with respect and one that is worth living. Under “Focus” of this issue of SHARE, our Acting Chief Executive shares her past 30 years of serving the poor, just like CEDAR’s 30-year mission. “Blessings by Offering” introduces our development work in Myanmar and shares the story of former beneficiaries returning to their villages to rebuild their hometowns. “Back to the Bible” is the passage about peace and reconciliation excerpted from our recently launched Christian devotional app “施予達仁”. We hope that during these tumultuous times, we can still strive to be sons and daughters of peace.




Written by: Edward Lai  (Senior Communications Officer)


When she was young, she walked through the northwest, southwest and central plains of China. She used to climb mountains and ridges; not to visit the most beautiful lakes and mountains or participate in cross-country competitions. She went to respond to the clear voice in her heart – to serve the poorest of the poor.

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Dear supporters,


In early February this year, a military coup took place in Myanmar, capturing international attention. Even before the coup, CEDAR has been conducting relief work when conflict broke out in the Karen State. The relief activities were carried out in collaboration with the youth who had grown up, supported by CEDAR’s development projects.

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Dear supporters,


The new year has started in a blink of an eye. I am still puzzled about what had happened last year like everyone else. It seems that there were only “anti-pandemic”, “restricted gathering” and “number of infected people”. Every day we monitored these indicators like the weather to arrange our lives.

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