Human Trafficking

[ ‘SHARE’ Jul – Sep 2017 ] FOCUS ~ Human Trafficking

Author: Jojo Poon

Martha (obscured) spent her early years with her mother who worked as a sex worker in the red-light district of Mumbai, India. “At the age of 16, my mother met a guy when she was in Nepal. He said he could refer her to work at better places in the cities, and she ended up being sold to work at the red-light district in Mumbai.” With the help of a generous woman from her hometown, Martha was spared from having to suffer the same fate as her mother’s.

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Joseph: Human Trafficking Survivor (Genesis 37-50)

[‘SHARE’ Jul – Sep 2017 ] BACK TO THE BIBLE

Author: Roger Seth

The Bible was written thousands of years ago but it has much to say about what we might see as a modern problem: human trafficking. We will look specifically at the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis, chapters 37–50. Make sure you are familiar with the story before reading this reflection or discussing it with a group.

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Children Are Priceless


Barla (obscured), 12, was a student in Pastor Thomas’ tutorial class. She missed classes a few times, and Pastor Thomas started searching for her to no avail. He feared for the worst that she might be caught by traffickers, so he filed a case at the police station. The investigators soon found out that Barla’s parents had sold her to a pimp at the price of less than HK$16.

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This is Hong Kong

[ ‘SHARE’ Jul – Sep 2017 ] TAKING ACTION

Author: Tsun Wan Yan

It appears that Hong Kong has nothing to do with human trafficking, and our government did not sign the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking In Persons. In fact, Hong Kong is a port and destination of sold human commodities, and it has been placed on the Tier 2 watch list (same ranking as Afghanistan, Cuba, and Tunisia) for two consecutive years in the Trafficking in Persons Report by the U.S. Department of State. The ranking describes a country that is experiencing a significant increase in human trafficking victims, and that no tangible measures were established by the authorities. The Hong Kong government denies it has a human trafficking problem, but the Erwiana abuse case in 2014 shocked the city and revealed the hidden side of modern slavery in Hong Kong.

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Overcoming the Obstacles of Sin and Pain

[ ‘SHARE’ Jul – Sep 2017 ] TAKING ACTION

Author: Jojo Poon

When we said we should respond to the grand problem of human trafficking, we often think of serving the victimised. However, the experience of frontline workers reminds us that the traffickers, though evil, also possess God’s image and are as deprived of care and love as the victims.

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Combating Sex Trafficking at One of the Worst Commercial Sex Hubs

Many young women and children are trafficked to work in Thailand’s red-light districts. They could be found in open bars or backstreet brothels.

Thailand has long been a major source, destination and transit country for human trafficking, it is currently placed on the Tier 2 Watch List of the Trafficking in Persons Report [1]. The country is the hub of commercial sex in Southeast Asia, and it has attracted locals, foreigners and expats to spend their money on buying the companion of young women and children, many of whom are victims of sex trafficking.

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