Combating Sex Trafficking at One of the Worst Commercial Sex Hubs

Many young women and children are trafficked to work in Thailand’s red-light districts. They could be found in open bars or backstreet brothels.

Thailand has long been a major source, destination and transit country for human trafficking, it is currently placed on the Tier 2 Watch List of the Trafficking in Persons Report [1]. The country is the hub of commercial sex in Southeast Asia, and it has attracted locals, foreigners and expats to spend their money on buying the companion of young women and children, many of whom are victims of sex trafficking.

To combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation in one of their worst places, more proactive and rigorous actions must be taken. Besides rescuing and taking care of the trafficking victims, tackling the root and source of human trafficking is equally important. CEDAR’s new partner in Thailand, Nvader, conducts planned, covert, and tactical investigations drawing on best practices and supports the police in prosecuting offenders engaged in human trafficking and child sexual exploitation to effectively combat human trafficking.

Nvader has a police operations team made up of experienced investigators who go undercover to investigate suspicious reports; once victims are identified, they will work with the police on rescue operations, and provide compelling evidence to prosecute traffickers and offenders.

This project from beginning of the year to date has rescued and/or assisted 34 victims, arrested and/or prosecuted 26 offenders with 37 convictions, and the total years of jail sentenced is 225 years. Nvader estimates that on average, for every year a trafficker is imprisoned, about 12 to 24 potential victims are protected from trafficking. This year’s impact so far is an estimate of about 2,700 to 5,400 people are protected from being trafficked.

We recently received updates from our partner that, as a result of the increase in offenders convicted and sentenced for trafficking teenagers into Thailand’s brothels, word spread to other similar establishments. Our partner and the police have noticed a significant decrease in the number of underage sex workers in brothels this year, a condition in which that the investigation director said has never been seen in his nearly 15 years working in the anti-trafficking sector.

We praise the Lord for the outstanding achievement! In Psalm 106:3, it says: “Blessed are those who act justly, who always do what is right.” We believe the Lord is with our partner, Nvader, in this battle of human trafficking in one of its darkest places.

Let’s continue to uphold Nvader and the local government and law enforcement agencies in prayer:

  • Pray for safety for the investigators, lawyers, and social workers as they speak out and stand up against corruption.
  • Pray that they will have continued good relationship with the Thai government, so that the team can work closely with law enforcement agencies.
  • Pray for God’s protection from spiritual warfare, so that team is united and every member has God’s wisdom and guidance.
  • Pray for healing for the survivours that they would be fully restored in mind, body and soul.