The Answer to Disaster

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Written by: Jady Sit


Every time there is a disaster, we feel sad and anxious for the suffering victims. While some people would pray for them, others would donate generously or organise a fundraising campaign, and some people would form a volunteer team to serve the devastated survivors through humanitarian work or counselling support. Although we try to give what we can, in the face of a natural disaster, we still feel helpless and powerless, because what could we do to stop tragedies that are not of our control?


In 2015, the massive earthquake in Nepal brought irreversible destructions: close to 9,000 casualties, 3.5 million people lost their homes, and Kathmandu Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was severely damaged. The U.S. Geological Survey estimated that the overall damage of the quake was about US$10 billion (about half of the country’s GDP). So, is it true that we cannot prevent a disaster from happening?


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Nepal after the Earthquake


Interviewed by Jojo Poon
Edited by: Tsun Wan Yan and Jojo Poon

Last year, the country Nepal suffered a massive earthquake followed by a series of chaos triggered by the adoption of new constitution in September, resulting in blockade of borders between India and Nepal, causing shortage in many necessity supplies. It’s hard to imagine how the Nepalese could survive their harsh winter this year. Tang, a member of CEDAR’s Nepal earthquake relief team, previously spent eight years in Nepal. Not only she can speak the local dialect, she is also familiar with the local culture and church network. Her involvement in the relief work reveals many discoveries, and these discoveries enable us to better learn the situation of the quake victims so we can go deeper into their needs, challenges and difficulties.

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Help Nepal Metamorphose to a Different Life



Thanks to many churches in Hong Kong, our long time supporters, and participants of Barefoot Walk that because of your generous donations, CEDAR and our partners can provide timely relief to over 3,900 affected households in Nepal after the April massive earthquake. These are what were provided:

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Shortage of Gasoline Hinder the Progress of Post-quake Rehabilitation

It has been half a year since the earthquake in Nepal, and the relief and rehabilitation effort still continue.  At the same time, the Nepalese Government had passed new constitution law in mid-September and the first female president was elected in October.  These new changes will hopefully stabilize the situation there and allow the citizens to return to normal livelihood.

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Running in Ultra-marathon for Nepal Earthquake Appeal

[Press Release]

In an attempt to raise HK$1 million for the people affected by the earthquake in Nepal, Mr. Kilias Hung has just finished a week-long 250 km ultra-marathon in Ecuador on 1 August.  CEDAR Fund, the beneficiary organization of this race, calls for continued public support of Kilias’s endeavor, as every dollar will help the neglected communities in Nepal to resume their normal life and livelihood.

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Hope Maintained in Times of Disaster

[ ‘SHARE’ May-Jun 2015 ] FOCUS ~ MINISTRY

Battered by Cyclone Pam, the South Pacific island of Vanuatu looks as if it has come to the end of the world…

The extremist group Islamic State (ISIS) kills men, rapes and snatches girls as ‘war trophies’, and forces boys to undergo military training…

The harder it gets, the tougher they become

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