Running in Ultra-marathon for Nepal Earthquake Appeal

[Press Release]

In an attempt to raise HK$1 million for the people affected by the earthquake in Nepal, Mr. Kilias Hung has just finished a week-long 250 km ultra-marathon in Ecuador on 1 August.  CEDAR Fund, the beneficiary organization of this race, calls for continued public support of Kilias’s endeavor, as every dollar will help the neglected communities in Nepal to resume their normal life and livelihood.

Nepal, one of CEDAR Fund’s focus countries, was struck by 2 earthquakes in April and May this year.  Over 8,500 people were killed and 770,000 household destroyed or damaged. CEDAR Fund responded with immediate emergency relief including provision of food, shelters, blankets and other basic necessities to the local people, particular those who did not receive aid from the Nepali official or other relief operations (because they live in the mountains or lack of a household registration with the government). CEDAR Fund reached these communities through its local working partners and local Nepali churches.

The Ecuador ultra-marathon course is known as tough with the highest point at 3,800 meter. The elevation and temperature difference of 20 degree between day and night are great challenge for competitors. “In the day time, the endless upslope and downslope nearly drove me crazy. At night, it was so cold that I could hardly sleep. The experience in the harsh outdoor footraces has taught me to be humble and cherish the capability of giving”, Kilias is one of the only three Hong Kong citizens and the one hundredth runner worldwide to complete all four races of “4 Deserts” (ranked by TIME magazine as one of the Top Ten Endurance Events in the world for two consecutive years.)

“People with limited resources are more vulnerable to disasters. The poorest are usually hit the hardest.  Hence, long term and sustainable support, rehabilitation and reconstruction work are essential to the poorer communities” said Kilias, who bonded with Nepal and its people.  Nepal was Kilias’ first overseas travel destination. During the past few years, , and he also has made 4 visits there to give mission community service.

Jojo Poon of CEDAR Fund visited the impoverished communities in the mountainous areas in Nepal with a group of CEDAR’s supporters. She remarked that relief work has shifted to the second phase which focuses on community rebuilding, disaster management and livelihood programs in the next two years. “There are children who are unwilling to go to school after the earthquake for fear that a step away from their parents would mean losing their families; women got nervous when the clock ticks at the time of the earthquake.” A relief worker from CEDAR fluent in Nepali, is now in Nepal to assess the needs for psycho-social/trauma healing in late July to lay the groundwork for CEDAR’s plan to provide trainings and service of counseling to local people.

Jojo appeals to members of the public for support to CEDAR’s post-earthquake work in Nepal. “As Nepal now is in rainy season, CEDAR is stepping up its effort to help local people build rain-proof zinc shelters”

CEDAR Barefoot Walk, an annual fund-raising walkathon, will be held on 5 December 2015 to raise funds for communities in need, include those in Nepal. Kilias will also join the Event and walk barefoot to support the Nepali Quake survivors.

DONATE now to support Kilias, and support the CEDAR rehabilitation and reconstruction work in Nepal: 

  • Every HKD200 can give a 2-day orientation on psychosocial support and life-saving messaging to five relief workers.
  • Every HKD400 will build one set of long bench and chairs in a classroom;
  • Every HKD800 will set up an anti-earthquake shelter for 1 household.
  • Every HKD6,000 can build an earthquake proof shelter for an entire family.

TVB Jade program “Green Room” interviewing Kilias and CEDAR representative will be aired at 2:15 pm, 6 August 2015 (



CEDAR is a Hong Kong based international relief and development agency working on a mission of the Church in partnership with Christians around the world by caring for the poor and disadvantaged people; facilitating the transformation of lives and communities, and advocating and practicing social justice.

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