Barefoot Walk – running with the poor

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Written by: Mindy Kwan, Senior Officer (Partnership Development)

Since the launch of CEDAR Barefoot Walk in 2001, participants have altogether walked a total distance of 42 km, equivalent to the distance of a marathon. The more we expose ourselves to poverty relief the more we will discover that it is more than ‘taking off our shoes’. Rather it’s a lengthy journey that requires long-term persistence and participation.

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Nepal’s Long Road of Post-disaster Rehabilitation


We thank our supporting churches and individual supporters for their generous donations, so CEDAR is able to render timely assistance to the earthquake victims in Nepal. In the first phase of relief operation, CEDAR collaborated with four local organisations, providing relief materials such as food, medicine, tents, lights and blankets to over 3,900 families in 10 quake-affected areas in Nepal. We also distributed wires and zinc sheets to villagers for building their temporary shelters before the monsoon season comes.

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Healing begins here


Nor Too Hei, a Myanmar local,  still remembers the incident happening in her home town 19 years ago, when militants burned down her village and her family had to flee to the forest. Life in the jungle was not easy and they had to guard themselves at all times from the attack of the militants .

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Cultural self-awareness | Yiu Lai-Wah

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Yiu Lai-Wah姚麗華 (Project Officer (Yunnan))

Years ago I took a course on cross-cultural studies wherein a tutor shared with us her cross-cultural worship experience: believers from Africa rejoiced aloud with dancing, while Chinese believers sang hymns solemnly. An African brother asked, “How can you worship God this way?” and the Chinese brother answered calmly, “If we worshipped the King like you do, we would have been beheaded long ago!” Whenever I see something ‘disagreeable’ in a foreign place, this story reminds me not to be self-righteous and judge other people with my own cultural values.

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