Nepal’s Long Road of Post-disaster Rehabilitation


We thank our supporting churches and individual supporters for their generous donations, so CEDAR is able to render timely assistance to the earthquake victims in Nepal. In the first phase of relief operation, CEDAR collaborated with four local organisations, providing relief materials such as food, medicine, tents, lights and blankets to over 3,900 families in 10 quake-affected areas in Nepal. We also distributed wires and zinc sheets to villagers for building their temporary shelters before the monsoon season comes.

CEDAR’s projects in helping to rebuild the communities include provision of relief materials, repairing houses and schools, providing victims with trauma counselling, disaster management training and livelihood restoration plans, and promoting child protection and prevention of human trafficking.

HK$200 can provide 2 days of psychosocial support training for 5 relief workers
HK$400 can provide 1 set of table and chair for an affected school
HK$800 can provide zinc sheets for 1 affected family to build temporary shelter
HK$6,000 can build 1 earthquake-resistant house for 1 family

The road of reconstruction is long and difficult, and your continuous support is precious and indispensable. Please continue to support us in the Nepalese rehabilitation projects.

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Other Methods of Payment

  1. Cheque payable to ‘CEDAR FUND’
  2. Deposit to HSBC A/C No. 600-385678-001, enclosing with the Pay-in slip
  3. Autopay (only applicable to regular fixed donations), enclosing with a completed Autopay Authorisation Form (Download Donation Form)
  4. Visa/ Master Card

Download Donation Form

Please send a completed Donation Form, enclosing with cheque or pay-in slip, to CEDAR FUND, G.P.O. BOX 3212, HONG KONG.

[1] CEDAR is an approved charitable institutions and trusts of a public character under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Please click Inland Revenue Department website to check for details.
[2] Donations over $100 are tax deductible in Hong Kong with our receipts.
[3] Please DO NOT fax any donation information

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