41 Million Affected by Heavy Flooding in South Asia

Incessant rainfalls have triggered widespread flooding in South Asia, affecting over 41 million people, including vulnerable women and children.

Torrential downpour have caused severe and widespread flooding in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, killing 1,200 people and affecting 41 million people. Countless homes have been damaged and destroyed. Many are displaced and deprived of food and water for days.

The region’s monsoon season last from June till September every year, but some aid agencies said things are worse this year. The United Nations said the situation could possibly deteriorate further as rains continue in some flood-affected areas and flood waters move south.


In India, over 32 million people are affected. Several rivers are flowing at dangerous levels in some regions, and helicopters are being sent for rescue operations. The government has established nearly 2,000 relief camps for the displaced.

One-third of Bangladesh is inundated by flood. A total of 32 districts and over 8 million people are affected. The flood has damaged and destroyed about 700,000 houses. Directorate General of Health Services in Bangladesh said there are 13,000 confirmed cases of waterborne diseases, and 2,000 medical teams have been deployed to provide medical support for the affected.

In Nepal, at least 1.7 million are affected by the flood. 460,000 people have lost their homes. Some areas recorded the heaviest rainfall in 60 years. Multiple infrastructures like schools and health facilities are destroyed. As flood waters washed away crops and damaged farmlands, communities’ livelihoods will be severely impacted.

20170830_SA Floods_02s1Houses are damaged or destroyed amidst flooding, leaving over a million people in despair.

20170830_SA Floods_03s1CEDAR and other Integral Alliance members are supporting local partners to respond to the urgent needs of the affected.

CEDAR and 12 other members of Integral Alliance are responding to flood-affected communities through local partners and churches. The initial response includes:

  • Distribution of food aid to affected households
  • Distribution of hygiene kits and water filters to secure communities’ health
  • Distribution of other items such as tarpaulins, shelter kits, mosquito nets and cooking utensils

Prayer items:

  • Pray that flood waters will subside, so that relief teams can access remote areas to bring aid to more survivors.
  • As flood-stricken communities are prone to outbreaks of waterborne diseases, pray that the affected can receive medical support; and pray for the health of relief workers.
  • Pray for wisdom for our partners to plan the next phase of response.
  • Pray for the people who have lost family, homes, livestock and farmlands. May God bring them comfort and help them to stand back up again on the road to recovery.
  • Pray for God’s providence of funding, so our partners could carry out response work; may all help and support from churches and brothers and sisters make an impact in the lives of the affected, bringing them love and hope.


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*Integral Alliance is a global alliance of 23 Christian relief and development agencies, working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide. CEDAR Fund is one of the member agencies.



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