Annual Report 2015-2016

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We’re Thankful for God and You

God’s grace has led us through the entire 2015 to 2016,

where CEDAR was fighting poverty, improving living conditions, and promoting the value and dignity of human in Christ

in 78 relief and development projects
partnering with 56 church networks and Christian organizations
in 12 countries around the world.

A big Thank You for every one of our supporting individuals, churches, and organizations for your donations.

We gathered HKD $ 16,917,793 this year that enabled us to sustain our works at CEDAR.

We were also excited to have hosted 132 educational events, short term trips, and barefoot walks that reached over 16,000 Christians and students and promoted the ideas of Integral Mission, and love and justice on earth.

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Emergency Appeal: CEDAR and IA Respond to the South Sudan Refugee Crisis in Northern Uganda

Increasing numbers of South Sudanese are fleeing to northern Uganda to escape escalating violent conflict in their country. A total of 24,277 South Sudanese refugees were received in Uganda between the 25th and 31st January 2017 alone. The Human Rights Commission have condemned violations in South Sudan, calling for swift action to avert genocide. Integral Alliance (IA) has launched a Disaster Response for the worsening refugee crisis in northern Uganda. Responding Members committed to maximising their direct disaster response now, as well as considering their longer term approach, especially in the area of livelihoods.

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Spread the Love to City Edges


Interviewing and editing: Canace Chiu & Tsun Wan Yan

The rapid economic growth of India did not significantly reduce its population living in poverty. Although halved from the 90’s, the number of poor people living in India still reaches 600 million, with 300 to 400 million of them living under extreme poverty. The country is not spared from the plethora of social problems experienced by other developing countries, such as a large income gap and rural-urban migration. CEDAR hopes to share with you the stories that took place in the lesser known areas of India, and we wish you could remember the suffering people and God’s servants in your prayers in this New Year season.

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The Poor You Will Always Have with You, But…

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Author: Dr. Chan Nim Chung (CEDAR Board Member)

A common response to Jesus’ words in Matthew 26:11 that we often hear is that, “Why should we prioritize helping the poor over evangelizing?” Such argument has dwindled in recent years (people might just have been too embarrassed to talk about it publicly) until Rick Perry, one of the 2016 US president candidates, Texas’ former head of state, and a conservative Christian, definitively reciprocated the exact thoughts while being interviewed by the Washington Post about the large income gap in Texas. Today we are going to take a closer look into some possible explanations of this verse.

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Rekindling the Hope of Poor Suburb Children


Children are the hope of our society, and most parents would stop at nothing to provide the best for their growth. However, life is different for the children born in the slums who struggle to obtain necessities daily, consequently giving them more obstacles to a bright future.

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