Remember the Caring Service to HIV Affected Children in Zimbabwe

[ePrayer – Pray for HIV affected children in Zimbabwe]


Praise the Lord, CEDAR has supported partner FACT’s child sponsorship over 10 years. 16 youth completed secondary school level, 7 have studied at polytechnic or vocational colleges, 4 are in universities. Partner has carried out SAVE model (‘S’ stands for safer sexual practices; ‘A’ stands for access to treatment; ‘V’ is voluntary testing and counselling services; ‘E’ focuses on empowerment) in combating AIDS for several years. Give thanks that the model has gradually got more affirmation among church leaders. However, the church support for HIV-infected/affected kids in some areas still need to increase. FACT needs to co-ordinate with the local churches there and will recruit 15 care-givers.

Pray for HIV affected children in Zimbabwe:

  • Thank God for the partnership between FACT and CEDAR to serve those HIV affected children and families in Zimbabwe for years, and that the children grow well;
  • Pray for God’s guidance and provision to partner’s ministry in different districts. Pray that more churches will respond and support to the need of HIV affected children and families.

Enhancing Disaster Preparedness and Management in Bangladesh

[ePrayer – Pray for better disaster preparedness in Bangladesh]

Bangladesh is arguably the world’s most disaster prone country. Repeated disasters destroy the economic resource base of the poor people and drain out the economic potentials. In Bangladesh, the government Union Disaster Management Committees (UDMC) are the key players in risk reduction planning.  For more effective plannings, CEDAR’s partner World Concern Bangladesh organised a workshop with Nilgonj UDMC.  This workshop sought to help local government members take up their roles and responsibilities during normal time, warning period, and disaster and post-disaster period more effectively. Government members also requested refresher courses for UDMC quarterly.

Pray for better disaster preparedness in Bangladesh:

  • Pray that partner will have good partnership with Nilgonj UDMC to enhance its function on coordinating district disaster preparedness and management;
  • Partner is planning to reach and follow-up 3 UDMCs, to train 100 volunteers and 700 community people. May God help them to reach out to different clusters of people effectively.

The Letter from CEDAR | Who Can Change a Country?

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

Last Christmas, my wife and I, along with three volunteers, went to Myanmar to visit CEDAR’s partner organisation, Full Moon. During this trip we had the rare opportunity of traveling to the mountainous areas in Mon State. Last year, CEDAR received a designated fund that supported the post-conflict rebuilding project in this restricted area, and the first programme of the project was to build a new school. In the past few decades, there were continuous conflicts between the Karen and Burmese government army in those mountainous areas, causing countless deaths and injuries. Not all have access to this area; even the Burmese people do not dare to enter this mountain. The ‘peace leader’ who led our group up to hill for celebration, along with a hundred orphans from the Full Moon compound, is actually the ex-leader of the rebellion that killed numerous people, including even some of the parents of the Full Moon orphans. A year ago, the Burmese government went through a big reform. This ex-leader of the rebellion was willing to cease fire and bring peace to Karen people. He appreciates the support and partnership of Hong Kong Christians.

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CEDAR Sharing: Walking with Women in South Asia


The continuous reported cases of savage rape in India were a shock to the international society recently. The violence, discrimination and inequality faced by women in India are also common in other South Asia nations, such as Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Being restrained by the traditional caste system, religious culture, poverty and gender inequality, South Asia women usually find it very difficult to recognise and live out one’s self value and dignity.

How can churches and Christians respond to the distress of women in South Asia? In light of the ministries and services of our local Christian partners among poor women and communities in India, we will try to explore how Christianity is related to Caring for the disadvantaged communities and how HK Christians can walk with them together.

Date> 28 March 2013 (Thursday)
Time> 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Venue> Room 501, Rightful Centre, 12 Tak Hing Street, Kowloon
Registration> Online registration. Free of charge. (Deadline: 21 March)
Enquiry> Please call Mr. Wu at 2381 9627, or send email to
Remark> You are welcome to make an appointment with us to share this topic in your churches or cell groups.