Pass it on: the message of sharing from the “Gut”

“I hope my child will be caring and willing to share,”- probably the wish of many of the new generation of parents today. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, apart from sharing candies, toys or books with friends, children can also take part in CEDAR’s ‘Pass the “Gut” – Goodness.Gracious’ Campaign, learning more about the needs of the poor from afar, and contributing their red packet to share the joy with others.

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The Letter from CEDAR | Who Can Change a Country?

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

Last Christmas, my wife and I, along with three volunteers, went to Myanmar to visit CEDAR’s partner organisation, Full Moon. During this trip we had the rare opportunity of traveling to the mountainous areas in Mon State. Last year, CEDAR received a designated fund that supported the post-conflict rebuilding project in this restricted area, and the first programme of the project was to build a new school. In the past few decades, there were continuous conflicts between the Karen and Burmese government army in those mountainous areas, causing countless deaths and injuries. Not all have access to this area; even the Burmese people do not dare to enter this mountain. The ‘peace leader’ who led our group up to hill for celebration, along with a hundred orphans from the Full Moon compound, is actually the ex-leader of the rebellion that killed numerous people, including even some of the parents of the Full Moon orphans. A year ago, the Burmese government went through a big reform. This ex-leader of the rebellion was willing to cease fire and bring peace to Karen people. He appreciates the support and partnership of Hong Kong Christians.

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