Enhancing Disaster Preparedness and Management in Bangladesh

[ePrayer – Pray for better disaster preparedness in Bangladesh]

Bangladesh is arguably the world’s most disaster prone country. Repeated disasters destroy the economic resource base of the poor people and drain out the economic potentials. In Bangladesh, the government Union Disaster Management Committees (UDMC) are the key players in risk reduction planning.  For more effective plannings, CEDAR’s partner World Concern Bangladesh organised a workshop with Nilgonj UDMC.  This workshop sought to help local government members take up their roles and responsibilities during normal time, warning period, and disaster and post-disaster period more effectively. Government members also requested refresher courses for UDMC quarterly.

Pray for better disaster preparedness in Bangladesh:

  • Pray that partner will have good partnership with Nilgonj UDMC to enhance its function on coordinating district disaster preparedness and management;
  • Partner is planning to reach and follow-up 3 UDMCs, to train 100 volunteers and 700 community people. May God help them to reach out to different clusters of people effectively.