Give Delhi Slum Dwellers the Hope of a Decent Home


About 1.8 million people in Delhi live in slums. Most of them used to live in villages and rural areas and migrated to the metropolis seeking for a better life. Yet, the slums are overcrowded, unhygienic and lack basic amenities. Most dwellers cannot find regular work as they do not an official identification. These realities shatter their “sweet home” dreams.

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Pray for the Post-Conflicts Rehabilitation Work in Myanmar

[ePrayer – Pray for the post-war development in Myanmar]


The prolonged conflicts lasted for 60 years between Karen armed groups and the Myanmar Government finally came to an end and this indeed symbolizes hope and unity for the people and the country.  It is encouraging to see different groups of entities, including state officials, village leaders and church members putting effort together to rebuild their community.  What is more exciting is to see displaced orphans and youths returning to their hometowns.  Yet, the children will continue to experience the damaging effects brought by the conflicts. Due to limited skillsets, the children and their families feel unsecured and live a future with uncertainty.

CEDAR FUND supported our partner Full Moon in launching their reintegration programmed in the Mon State.  Apart from improving the infrastructure and facilities to deliver a better and safer environment in the compound, education and trainings are provided to the youth and women’s groups.  Full Moon wishes to see that the youths after acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, particularly in agricultural and vocational aspects, are then empowered to make contributions to their home community.  Full Moon also witnesses the change in the women, that they become more confident after receiving trainings in farming, health and environment preservation.  Some of the youths are able to complete their tertiary education due to tuition fee sponsorship from Full Moon.  In 2013, Full Moon arranged two trips for their kids to return to their communities.  Many of them reunited with their families and their stories touch many people’s hearts.

Thanks Lord for His blessings on this project.  Full Moon’s achievements created a ripple effect; not only the children affected by the conflicts are benefited, the volunteers and workers are also blessed from their involvement and many joined the Christian fellowship and started to know God. The government officials also recognized the achievements and invited CEDAR FUND and Full Moon to continue the community work in Mon State.

“The children are excited about the school life but what is most precious is due to the community rebuilt programme, the kids now have dreams and visions for the future.” Lydia, the teacher in TWT village, told us

Pray for the post-war development in Myanmar:

  1. Pray for the work of partner Full Moon as they are now engaging their youth facilitators in 5 target villages in Mon State to bring about unity and meaningful development.  These are newly settled villagers in which many are returning from different areas including the jungles.
  2. Pray for the 10 college youths who are receiving trainings in the fields of education, community health and agriculture. May God grant them wisdom in their studies and sustainable positive experience in their exchange with the Community Based Organizations. May God also lead their spiritual development and give them determination to serve the needy.
  3. Pray for unity and harmony in Myanmar. Our partner is acting like a bridge between the different ex-armed groups, Government and villagers, and may the Lord give them wisdom to handle complex issues and negotiate with different parties.

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Children Ministry Promotes Transformation in Ethiopia

[ePrayer – Pray for the Children Ministry in Ethiopia]


Give thanks that God use CEDAR’s partner AAGC as a channel of His grace and love to the children and families in these years. AAGC is now serving around 200 children by providing education, food, vocational training and medical help. To ensure well being of children, AAGC also encourages children to participate in some social and spiritual activities. According to statistics, national HIV/AIDS infection rate is dropping and less discrimination is observed in AAGC’s target communities.

Pray for the Children Ministry in Ethiopia:

  • Pray that God to give AAGC the wisdom and strength to serve the communities, including those living with HIV/AIDS;
  • Pray for those families that AAGC is serving. Hope their living conditions can improve and may their lives be full of God’s love and grace.