Pass it on: the message of sharing from the “Gut”

“I hope my child will be caring and willing to share,”- probably the wish of many of the new generation of parents today. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, apart from sharing candies, toys or books with friends, children can also take part in CEDAR’s ‘Pass the “Gut” – Goodness.Gracious’ Campaign, learning more about the needs of the poor from afar, and contributing their red packet to share the joy with others.

Full Moon, our partner in Myanmar strives to help children affected by natural disasters or wars, nurturing them into Christian leaders who could take their learning back to their community for further development. In the past 17 years, God has led many desperate and helpless children here, from several dozen at the beginning to over 300 today. “God told me not to reject a single child,” says U Ba Hla, the founder of Full Moon. He is now over 70 years old has been faithful in taking care of every child in Full Moon that God handed to him. Today, many graduates have already become teachers, nurses, agricultural technicians and community workers, contributing their expertise to their community.

One of the beneficiaries, Ei Lay Cut, is an adorable girl. She lost her parents when she was three and has since lived with her grandmother. At seven years old, she was sent to Full Moon and had the opportunity to go to school. “I am thankful that Father has provided me with care, food and school. I was sick during my last exam so I prayed to Father. I am glad that the results turned out well and I will keep studying hard. Last year, during a CEDAR staff visit, Ei Lay Cut showed us the radish harvest excitedly and said that she wants to become a teacher, just like the graduates, to help the needy back in her community.

This year, as part of “The Gut” Campaign activity, we will share with children the needs of the children at Full Moon in Myanmar and the story of Ei Lay Cut, look at photos of poor children and learn more about their transformation. We pray that more children in Myanmar will experience care and find hope, just like Ei Lay Cut, and let this grace paid forward.

Prayer requests for “The Red Packet” and “The Gut” Campaigns” 2015:

  • May God will touch children’s hearts, help them understand the needs of poor people and be willing to share what they have.
  • May God bless the growth and healthy development of children in Myanmar.
  • Pray that this campaign can unite more churches to care for the poor afar and experience God’s compassion and love for mankind.

If you are interested in “The Red Packet” and “The Gut” Campaigns, please click Activity Page for more details, or contact Ms. Kwan and Mr. Tang on 2381 9627.