Post-typhoon Rebuild in Vanuatu – Starting with Agriculture

MASAU KALIA AND NALIN WITH THEIR TWO YEAR OLD CHILD: They stand on the wreckage of their home


On 13 March 2015, Cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu and emerging aerial images confirm total or near-total destruction of homes, buildings and crops. Almost 90 percent of the island has been flattened.

“During Cyclone Pam, my wife, two children and I moved to a safe house in the middle of our village. There were 92 people inside with the men on the outside holding the house down. At that time I thought to myself that I’m going to die if this storms gets any longer or stronger. I must have stood outside for four or five hours.  When I saw my house falling to the ground before my eyes. I felt powerless.” Masau Kalia recalled what happened.

CEDAR, together with TEAR Fund New Zealand (IA member agency) and the local partner Nasi Tuan, is working closely with the National Disaster Office and the Agricultural board in response to the needs of the affected households on the Island of Tanna.

  • Support the affected households to set up small nurseries, plant vegetables and coffee, and repair gardens. As an indicator, in Vanuatu
    • HK200 can provide planting tools to one affected household
    • HK350 can support the affected households to set up a small nursery
  • Assist the affected families to repair their houses and build the typhoon-resistant houses.

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