Children Ministry in South India


Viji Keren has joined the children ministry of CEDAR’s partner, Christian Missions Charitable Trust (CMCT), for ten years and CEDAR’s staffs have been keeping close contact with Viji regarding the children in India. Today we get to know this frontline worker better through her sharing.

Q: Why did you join CMCT?
Viji: I thank God for the opportunity to work at CMCT. I asked that God would lead me to a place where I might serve Him, and so here I am. It brings great satisfaction to do His will serving the poorest of the society. When I see children transformed by God I cannot but give praise and thank Him for choosing me as His tool through which He shows the impoverished children His power.

Q: What kind of transformation do you see on the children?
Viji: CMCT’s vision is to facilitate an all-round enhancement of the life of the poor, and its children sponsorship department very much hopes to see children lives being completely transformed. It is a big challenge to walk with the children and respond to their poverty from different aspects. But it is most vital that their lives are linked to God, redeemed by Him and grow spiritually.

Q: What hopes do you see from the children and your ministry?
Viji: I always feel hopeful when I see the young people turn to Christ and thankful that I am a part of it. I am overjoyed whenever the impoverished children lives are uplifted and even their families’ situations improved because of our projects.

Q: How can Christians in Hong Kong walk with you and your children?
Viji: I am very thankful to the Hong Kong believers for sponsoring the children in India because they live in dire conditions and really need people’s help. We witnessed how your support helped the children’s family rebuild fallen walls and kept the lives of children suffering from cancer. It is precious that these families got out of their predicaments and now live a new life. Please continue to walk with the children in Chennai, giving them a bright future.

‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ Children Ministry Scheme