The Letter from CEDAR | October 2014

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

“Occupy Central” movement eventually happened.  By now, the whole city is weary: bombarded by disputes, experienced a sense of loss in direction, and filled with reflections.  Asking each other, yet nobody knows how this will end!  Some find no hope with the people in Hong Kong. Others find lots of hope with the youth in Hong Kong.  Some might still see a little prospect with the Hong Kong government. Others see prospect too remote with China and even with the global political world! All of a sudden, we realize we have put the fate of our society into the hands of a few who are in powers.  Does God’s power also under its submission? God can bless people in democratic societies.  He can also create miracles in totalistic societies and effect life changes!  His gospel is not subject to any human institution but overrides all of them.  Our God is real, more real than a true democracy!  Whether it is with people’s ideal world or the real world, let us see His presence in all circumstances.  Our society although mixed with people who determine to voice out and people who choose to remain silence, is by large still intact, and have not been torn apart. There are many who are still committed to their families and make contributions to the society.

Young people have ideals and passion.  However in today’s world, a lot of them feel they are deprived of opportunities and see no hope. Those born in poor countries even lack the basic necessities of life. We who live in Hong Kong enjoy rich materials, certain degree of freedom and a secured environment, and this is not common around the globe. In fact, a lot of consumer goods that we enjoy come from workers who work under unjust conditions.  There are 27 million modern slaves, more than any period of time in history.  There are over 168 million workers under 18 years old in our world, equivalent to 10.6% of the children population. Not only that they can’t go to school, one half of them are indeed living in very dangerous situations like sexual abuse, forced into child soldier, and involved in drugs trafficking. Who will speak up for them? Who will fight for their basic rights?

Children and youth need more than bread and school bag; they should enjoy the basic human rights such as love, respect and freedom, and to grow up healthily in their own community.  When there is love and care, miracle happens. Often the work of His church and the Holy Spirit come faster than the work of government or societal changes.

In December 2005, some farmers of South Korea protested with grievances in front of the meeting place of the World Trade Organization in Hong Kong, opposing globalization and the WTO system. The Hong Kong police dismissed them with tear gases.  Who can yearn for justice for those widows and orphans who cannot speak for themselves? Are we the ones? We sincerely invite you to join this year’s Barefoot Walk on November 8, to support those living in city slums, to show that we are part of their group and to give them continual care and love.

“Let the mountains bear prosperity for the people, and the hills, in righteousness! May he defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the children of the needy, and crush the oppressor! May they fear you while the sun endures, and as long as the moon, throughout all generations!” (Psalm 72: 3-5)

Your co-worker
Chan Nim Chung