TWO Weeks Countdown to 2014 CEDAR Barefoot Walk

For the past 13 years, CEDAR Fund has organized Barefoot Walk to fundraise for our projects and to let participants experience what it means to live in poverty. In 2014, seeing the seriousness of urban poverty around the world, we want to take our participants into slums and take a glimpse at the lives of the 900 million slum dwellers around the world. Linking to this event is to fundraise for community development projects in slums of India, Bangladesh and Ethiopia, and we seek to encourage everyone through the experiential activities to think about how poverty has robbed people of their dignity and the opportunities they should have.

Last year, around 350 people walked barefooted along Ma On Shan Waterfront Promenade to support children ministry in India, Burma, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. A mother brought her 7-year-old and 14-month-old children along and said, “Even though the children do not fully understand the meaning of the Barefoot Walk yet, I hope through this experience they could feel how the poor children live and know not to take things for granted. I want them to learn to treasure what they have and to share with others in need.”

Besides the newcomers, we met many old friends. One couple participating in the 2012 Barefoot event came again and told us, “When we joined the Barefoot Walk last year (2012), I was still pregnant; this year (2013) we brought our few months old child along and we hope to pass on the concept of putting faith into practice to our next generation.”

We strongly encourage our old and new friends to join us in “Stepping up and Moving the World” on 8th November 2014 !

Pray for 2014 CEDAR Barefoot Walk:

  • For the hearts of all participants that they are prepared to experience how God brings hope to the poor and disadvantaged.
  • For CEDAR colleagues and church volunteers when they proceed into the final preparation stage of the Barefoot Walk.
  • For this event to be a channel to encourage churches and believers in Hong Kong to open their eyes to the world, to care more for the needs of the poor and disadvantaged communities in poor nations, and to walk with them with prayers and actions.

Join us in “Stepping up and Moving the World”:

Come and join CEDAR’s Barefoot Walk on 8 November!

Let’s experience the life in slums, walk with the slum dwellers and work towards alleviating poverty! Please visit and register online.