CEDAR’s Relief Response to Severe Flood in Northern India

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Torrential rains have caused massive devastation and severe distress in India, particularly in the states of Jammu and Kashmir. It’s the worst flood in the last 106 years and has affected nearly 5 million people over 15 districts of the state. 3,000 villages and several towns were submerged. Hundreds of people are reported to have died, while thousands are missing. The Prime Minister of India declared it as a “national calamity”.

CEDAR Fund has received a grant of HKD2,889,000 from the Disaster Relief Fund of the Government of HKSAR, to provide emergency relief to flood victims through our partner The Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR) in India. We are planning to supply emergency food items such as rice, pulses seeds, cooking oil, salt, and also non-food items such as blanket and polythene sheet to 8,000 most vulnerable households in Rajouri, Pulwama, Punch, Srinagar and Shupiyan, the 5 most badly affected districts.

Food security is a serious threat after the floods, however finding warehouse to store relief materials is a huge challenge as many affected areas have been under water for weeks. Access to villages is difficult as many major roads are damaged or blocked. Bigger trucks could not make their way into the villages and hence one has to utilize other modes of transportation in order to reach the villages. Please pray for a smooth process in the implementation of relief distribution.

“Their visit gave me hope as they spent time with me and even came to my home. No one has ever come to my home. … I like their process of distribution as they give preference to the elderly and women. Had it been anybody else, I would have been standing and waiting for my turn.” shared by Bama Devi, a 68 years old widow who lives by herself.

Thank God that we can serve the desperate people through our partner EFICOR. May the flood victims find hope and comfort from God’s love and grace.

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