“Let’s Go Barefoot, NOW!”


Written by: Ethel Sha (Participant of CEDAR Barefoot Walk 2017)


A year ago, the chief executive of CEDAR commenced the event by sending out this command. Everybody in the hall took off their shoes and got ready to step out of their comfort zones to walk around Tseung Kwan O barefoot. Since then, I have never bared my feet to walk in the city, but to learn and be aware of the issue of human trafficking with a “barefoot” spirit.


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Divine Intervention in Broken Lives


Written by: Maylin Hartwick (Leader of Harmony Baptist Church)


When one wants to reconcile with oneself, God’s intervention is indispensable as God transforms the life of a person. In the past few years, CEDAR has witnessed many encouraging testimonies of its partners. We saw how God healed the brokenness in the lives of the poor and exploited.


Harmony Baptist Church (HBC) is a friend of CEDAR. Like CEDAR, HBC is active in mobilising local believers to care for refugees, asylum seekers, domestic workers, and victims of human trafficking here in Hong Kong. Maylin, a leader of HBC, is going to share with us stories of women they have served and how God has intervened in their lives.

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Repairer of Broken Border, Restorer of Roads with Dwellings

To the poor living in desperate conditions, the border-crossing roads between countries are the roads of hope. Unfortunately, they are also fragile bridges hanging above the crack of slavery.

Lincang is a city in southwest Yunnan that connects with Myanmar and serves as a hub for the traffic from China towards the Indian Ocean, bolstered by 12 international and domestic transportation routes. Sadly, such accessibility was often taken advantage of by human traffickers.

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A Haven for Nepali Children Away from Human Trafficking

The Himalayan country, Nepal, has always been a travellers’ favourite, because of the magnificent mountain and its beautiful landscape. Some regard Nepal as the country closest to heaven. However, in the eyes of local children, it may be a place closest to hell.

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We Shall Not Give Up

A group of former trafficked and prostituted women gather to pray at the Salvation Army centre

As you may have read our July – September newsletter or ePrayer articles over the past few weeks, we are focusing on human trafficking issues this quarter. We have shared about how CEDAR and our partners fight against human trafficking particularly in Asia. Through Rescue, Prosecution, Rehabilitation and Prevention, we serve trafficking victims as well as high-risk groups.

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Joseph: Human Trafficking Survivor (Genesis 37-50)

[‘SHARE’ Jul – Sep 2017 ] BACK TO THE BIBLE

Author: Roger Seth

The Bible was written thousands of years ago but it has much to say about what we might see as a modern problem: human trafficking. We will look specifically at the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis, chapters 37–50. Make sure you are familiar with the story before reading this reflection or discussing it with a group.

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