I Decided to Return and “Give”


Written by: Gloria Li (Pastor, Western District Evangelical Church)


Evening, Friday 7th February


I had just one box of masks left at home, which was to be shared between my domestic helper and I. We were counting down the number of our masks and mentally preparing ourselves to reuse them when our stock ran out. The two batches of masks that I had ordered in early January, as shown on the computer, left Japan a long time ago, which meant that they must have already arrived in Hong Kong. Did that mean they had been “hijacked”? While waiting for the delivery, there were rumours that masks were banned from entering Hong Kong due to the anti-extradition law protests. So, I was quite concerned. (Editor’s notes: With regard to the rumours, the Hong Kong Customs clarified on 28th January that surgical mask is not included in the lists of controlled / prohibited items, and that the Customs would not hinder importation of such product into Hong Kong.)


However, this morning I decided to give two masks and HK$50 as Lai See to the two cleaners on the street. I was thinking, the minimum wage in Hong Kong is HK$37.5, but as outsource workers, these cleaners may not even be protected by this regulation! Isn’t it a tragedy that in Hong Kong the minimum hourly wage does not even pay for a box of masks? Even though I barely had enough masks at home, sharing with others was a shot at wealth equality.


Under the present circumstances, having the protection of a mask when we go out to work is fundamental human dignity, and sharing our masks with others paints a beautiful picture of the sharing society. Should I contract coronavirus because I do not have a mask to wear? I have faith that God will look after me for remembering the poor in His name!


I decided to share my worries not because I wanted people to give me masks! I still believed in the Hong Kong Post and I would wait for the delivery from Japan. By sharing how I learned to have faith, I hope to encourage others to lend a helping hand to the needy. I believe that the situation with the coronavirus in Hong Kong was an opportunity for us, as Christians, to take actions to share what we have with others.


Morning, Saturday 8th February


The next morning, on my way to church, I saw two cleaners opening up a manhole to treat some sewage. With my hand firmly pressed on the masks in my handbag, I asked myself, “To give or not to give”? I had already walked past them, but I decided to turn back and “to give”!


Everyone was under so much stress, the masks were just a small gift to show my support to the needy.


When I got to the office, there was a huge parcel waiting for me. I was overjoyed. It was a great and abundant gift from God. I immediately thought of CEDAR’s mask donation campaign, and I promised myself that I would share my gift!


Glory be to God.


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When Poverty Becomes a Sin

The author (far right) and other trippers visited ethnic minorities in northern Thailand



Written by: Janice Cheng (participant of CEDAR’s exposure trip in 2018; church pastor)


In December last year, I went to the Thai-Myanmar border with CEDAR to learn about their poverty alleviation projects in the area. The 8-day trip enabled me to understand more about the region. We visited some villages with CEDAR’s local partners and spoke to various individuals during our time there.


The residents are mostly ethnic minority groups from the mountainous areas, and they all have their own predicaments to overcome. There are abandoned single mothers and minority groups who have been relocated to the border area in northern Thailand due to warfare and other problems. Since they have not been granted Thai citizenship, they do not enjoy any social welfare, employment or education benefits or support.

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How do Churches Instill Hopes to People in the midst of Disaster?

Herda, elder of Boladangko Church (Right) and Cynthia, who lost her father


Written by: Jady Sit (Communications Officer)


In early November 2018, a few CEDAR’s staffs visited Sulawesi of Indonesia to learn about the local conditions from partner PESAT and visit families devastated by the earthquake. The article below is our staff’s sharing after her visit. If you would like to understand more about CEDAR’s relief work there, please visit the page “Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami Relief”.


“During the earthquake, the door was locked, and thus Cynthia’s father was trapped inside the house. When it collapsed, he died,” Herda, an elder at the Boladangko Church, said emotionally with her arm surrounding Cynthia.

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Education on Helping the Poor Starts from a Young Age: Interview with The Rev. Eugene Leung of E.F.C.C. Jachin Church

[“SHARE” JAN – MAR 2019 ] FOCUS ~ CEDAR’s Ministry of Education

Written by: Edward Lai


“How many clothes do you have in your wardrobe?”


You probably don’t remember the exact number, and you’d probably say: “I don’t know.” The truth is possibly that there are numerous items.


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“I hope to resume my work in the fields after the floodwater drains away, so that I can put food on the table.”


That was the wish of a flood-affected farmer in the southern Indian state of Kerala. In August 2018, a devastating flood struck Kerala causing over 480 deaths and an economic loss of US$2.8 billion. As the flood victims go through a difficult time of recovery from natural disaster, CEDAR reached out and provided relief aid to them through EFICOR*, our long-term partner in India. Until 27 November 2018, 13,060 families have been benefited from our support. They received relief materials included rice, cooking oil, bath soaps, clothes, and bed-sheets, enough for each household’s use for 1.5 months**.


Yunnan Churches Got Mobilised to Reach Out to the Marginalised

[ePrayer – Pray for the marginalised groups in Yunnan]


Since the launching of CEDAR project activitites in Yunnan, many local churches have known more about HIV/AIDS prevention and care and recognised the importance of integral mission. They express and demonstrate their love for the poor and needy, especially the most marginalised groups including drug addicts in the community. After three years of intervention, many drug addicts now get support and love from churches. However, there are still individuals who could not start their new lives in their homes and communities.

Pray for the marginalised groups in Yunnan:

  • Pray for communities and families affected by HIV/AIDS who are being follow up by the local churches;
  • Pray that those marginalized groups would be strong and able to cope with their difficulties.

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