The Letter from CEDAR | August 2017

Dear Friends of CEDAR,

Recently, I made a family trip to Cambodia. It is not a typical tourist country, where you find lots of amusement parks, resorts, beaches, special landscapes, or big shopping malls. However, it is surely a place where you can do a lot of reflections.

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Human Trafficking

[ ‘SHARE’ Jul – Sep 2017 ] FOCUS ~ Human Trafficking

Author: Jojo Poon

Martha (obscured) spent her early years with her mother who worked as a sex worker in the red-light district of Mumbai, India. “At the age of 16, my mother met a guy when she was in Nepal. He said he could refer her to work at better places in the cities, and she ended up being sold to work at the red-light district in Mumbai.” With the help of a generous woman from her hometown, Martha was spared from having to suffer the same fate as her mother’s.

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