The Letter from CEDAR | August 2017

Dear Friends of CEDAR,

Recently, I made a family trip to Cambodia. It is not a typical tourist country, where you find lots of amusement parks, resorts, beaches, special landscapes, or big shopping malls. However, it is surely a place where you can do a lot of reflections.

The genocide from 1975 to 1979 was one of the most miserable times in recent human history. About 2 million people were killed directly or indirectly, which amounts to one-fourth of the country’s then population. At the genocide museums, I kept asking how people can become so cold-blooded merely for the sake of their own interests or for an ideology, and also why God allowed this to happen. This was not my first time to Cambodia and I have been asking these questions since my first visit 10 years ago.

Though I don’t have the answers yet, I do know that the means to cure such traumas is through everlasting love and forgiveness. Love and forgiveness are a couple which must go hand-in-hand, and this is clearly demonstrated in Jesus’ salvation plan. God first loves us and so, sent His one and only son to save us. On the Cross, He forgave our sin, and it is because of His forgiveness, we become His sons and daughters, and enjoy His love and fullness.

In relief and development work, we talk a lot about ways to provide people with food, shelters, education, skills, jobs, etc., but in order to address the root cause of poverty and injustice, love and forgiveness are indispensable. For instance, victims of human trafficking carry tons of helplessness, hatred, guilt, and self-doubt. During their rehabilitation process, showing and teaching them love and forgiveness are critical to success.

In reality, we know it is not that easy to practice love and forgiveness. However, it is what God expects from His believers. Let us consider to start living out love and forgiveness step by step, and enjoy the rewards God has placed before us.

Other than supporting ministry projects financially, another way of sharing your love is to join our annual Barefoot Walk event on 4th November. This year, our focus is on the issue of human trafficking. Do come and join us. For more info, please check out our website or Facebook page.

Wishing you a joyful and reflective summer holiday!

You brother,
Raymond Kwong