Understanding Integral Mission through God’s Sovereignty


Written by: Dr. Mok Chiu Yau (CEDAR China Programme Advisor)


When presented with so many suffering and adversities on earth, Christians usually respond with sympathy, expressed by charitable giving and voluntary services. But gradually, Christians may realise that the problem of suffering is too heavy and difficult to solve, therefore they think that the paramount thing is to evangelise people. The belief is that once a person (who suffers) knows Christ, he or she can have strength to persevere in the world’s suffering, be comforted by fellowship members, and eventually enters into heaven after death and never suffers. Yet, such belief  is a one-sided understanding of God’s mission to believers.


God’s mission to believers  is a holistic mission. We can understand it based on two biblical aspects. First, God’s mission is the foundation of our mission. Second, God’s mission is the mission of the Kingdom of God, meaning God exercising His sovereignty and transforming the heaven and earth. Believers should take obedience of and witness His sovereignty.

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The Letter from CEDAR | August 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Early this month we had our first Typhoon Signal No. 8 of this year. Most of us were given with half a day off. Did you spend it on watching TV, sleeping, or chasing monsters outdoor? … No matter what you did, I believe most of us felt calm while wind and rain were strong outside. This sense of security does not come without effort, as we have spent time and resources in strengthening this city’s infrastructures and systems to stand against the hit of typhoons. … However, this is not necessary the case to the developing world. People there are highly vulnerable in front of natural disasters. Their weak infrastructures and poor emergency response systems are surely a main cause. But, making it even worst is the low awareness of disaster prevention among the people and even the government.

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