Rescue Girls from Red Light Area of India during COVID-19 Lockdown

(Ayesha [centre], coordinator of CEDAR’s Nepalese partner, Asha Nepal)


Our Nepalese partner recently told us that they rescued these two girls from the a red light area of India. The situation of the girls was very vulnerable so our partner did rescue even during the threat of COVID-19 and lockdown.


These two girls, who were physically and mentally weak, had undergone different circumstances. One of the girls named Nagina (pseudonym, 11 years old) was sold by her own mother to a pimp, due to poverty. The other girl named Lola (pseudonym, 16 year old) was harassed sexually by her own father, after the death of her mother last year.


Soon after our partner found out what these girls have gone through, they did everything to rescue them. Even though India had seen record daily rise of COVID-19 infections and Nepal–India border was also closed, they communicated with every police officer on every border checkpost. And finally they brought the girls to the shelter home. We feel at ease that our partner staff were tested negative for COVID-19. This rescue has been very challenging, because both the pimp and father of Lola was a dangerous or criminal man. But with the grace of God, our partner managed to bring them to Nepal at their shelter. We thank God for every step He helped in the rescue.

Our partner said, “It’s such a relief to have the two girls (out of their dangerous environments).”


Please pray for the survivors and our partner’s ministry of protecting sexually exploited women and children. You can read more our partner’s story in battling against human trafficking:


(This article was edited from the writings of our partner Asha Nepal.)