CEDAR and Partner Working in Flash Flood Areas in Zimbabwe

Last year, the El Niño caused a drought in Zimbabwe that starved 4 million people; but since December, they have experienced constant heavy rain and even hurricanes last month that destroyed the homes of close to 2,000 families. The situation is still grim despite the relief efforts by the local government and organizations, including the ones supported by CEDAR.

The continued downpour since December last year has destroyed infrastructures, schools, and farms in Zimbabwe, which was further damaged by hurricane Dineo that wrecked through Mozambique and other regions on 2/17. The projects of our partner, Trinity Project, at the southern regions of Umzingwane and Insiza, and Umguza at the north, were also reportedly affected by the hurricane.

Our contact says that the water level is steadily decreasing but the disaster is not in any ways over. Some rivers are still flooded, and Typhoid outbreaks started to emerge due to water contamination. The traffic system is close to non-functional as roads and bridges are still under water. Citizens have lost their homes, crops, and livestock. Over 70 schools were destroyed, and multiple families have lost their ID, valuables, clothes, etc., where some of them were forced to move to isolated higher grounds where epidemics are more likely to occur.

Roads and bridges destroyed and submerged

The home of these two little kids completely blown off

The government has been providing tents and food to the victims via air drop, and we have immediately funded the Trinity Project to contact the local officials and agencies to prioritize helping the vulnerable children and orphans, elderlies, disabled, and AIDS-affected families. They have been distributing food and hygiene supplies to temporarily relieve their hunger and vulnerability towards infectious diseases.

Pray for Zimbabwe:

  • Pray for God’s protection as further wind damage is still a possibility.
  • Pray that God will bless the communication and cooperation between our partners and local churches and organizations, to facilitate a speedy recovery.
  • Pray for the local infrastructure as there are regions that became unaccusable due to route cutoffs.
  • Pray that God would suppress the raised criminal activities and bless the cooperation between community leaders and the police

Relief Donation:

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[1] All funds received will go to CEDAR’s Emergency Relief and Disaster Preparedness Fund. Funds will be deployed to support the emergency relief in Zimbabwe according to the budget devised from the crisis evaluation.
[2] Besides the flooding in Zimbabwe, CEDAR is also funding the relief efforts in Northern Uganda targeted towards the refugees from South Sudan.
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