Abnormal Drought Affecting Hundreds of Millions Globally

India is currently experiencing the worst drought in 40 years which greatly affects the daily lives of 330 million people. Firetrucks are constantly transporting water to citizens but the reservoirs are nearly emptied, and not everyone is helped [FOCUS].

Severe droughts are also happening in South Africa, Asia, and Southeast Asia. Scientists speculated that the drought is related to the El Niño that cycles every 2-7 years, each time spanning 9 months to 1 year [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]. The agricultural consequences are grim as there is no water for irrigation and for feeding animals, in turn undermining the food source and reserve of the citizens. Poverty situations are also worsened while the famine develops.

CEDAR’s partner, Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR), has started their drought relieve efforts in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, Central India, its work includes:

  • Distributing food and water to affected families
  • Distributing animal feeds
  • Aiding affected villages in expanding and managing their water sources

[More in: CEDAR Gives Full Support in India Drought Relief Work]

Prayer for the Areas in Drought

  • Pray for God’s mercy and allow precipitation on the dry land.
  • Pray for the affected citizens so that they could resume their normal lives.
  • Pray for the governments’ water resources management to prioritize in helping the needed in their daily lives, medical, and hygiene needs, before giving them to other industries.
  • Pray for effective drought relieve of our partner, EFICOR, so it could benefit more people.
  • Pray for everyone in the world to better care for their earth and environment.