CEDAR Gives Full Support in India Drought Relief Work

Three hundred million people are now suffering from the severe drought in India. CEDAR gives full support in partner’s relief work.

India is currently facing the worst drought in four decades. EFICOR staff stated that since 2014, the amount of rainfall has declined. Resources in the country is extremely limited, and the enduring high temperatures destroy crops and kill livestock; water storage levels in wells, ponds and dams have also been decreasing.

The government has estimated that more than three hundred million people, which takes up 25% of the county’s population, are suffering due to the drought.  As reservoirs are almost empty, the government promised to provide daily water supply by a 50-wagon water train to ease shortages. However, villagers are only allowed to take water once per day, some even come from remote provinces and are able to take less water. This is far from enough in meeting their daily needs. On the other hand, the local government and powerful politicians are still allocating bigger supplies to industries, which made the shortage situation worse. [FOCUS]

CEDAR’s partner has connected with Uttar Pradesh province, where villagers live by agriculture and livestock. The drought has not only diminished harvest, but result in scarce fodder to feed livestock. In order to reduce family expenditure, many of the parents have no choice but to drop their children out of school. Moreover, many of the pregnant women and children have not yet received vaccination.

CEDAR’s partner Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission of Relief (EFICOR) has undertaken drought relief work in central provinces of India, namely Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The work includes:

  • providing food and water to drought-affected families
  • providing livestock fodder
  • assisting affected villages in strengthening the development and management of water resources

Please take immediate action in supporting drought-affected victims in India.

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