“It’s Unbelievable!” – Mamum


13-year old Mamum is grown up in a single-mom family and had to drop out from school when his father died. This is because his mother cannot support the family and he has to work to provide all the family needs.

“I used to work day and night in a bike shop, and I fell asleep once I got home. I had no time to play nor hang around with other kids,” said Mamum when asked about his past, “There was no hope and no future. I didn’t have a life goal and I didn’t know what my future would be.”

Things changed when SATHI reached Mamum. SATHI, a partner of CEDAR, is an active group working for the rights and welfare of local children and teenagers. Mamum met other boys in a youth group hosted by SATHI and shared his feeling afterwards, “I was shocked when they first told me that I have the right to obtain quality education, right to social involvement, and freedom to express my opinion. It was unbelievable! I was inspired by the conversation.”

Mamum is delighted to be supported by his employer and be able to stably attend one of the youth groups. He made a lot of good friends there, the majority of whom possess good reading and writing skills.

“I cannot read or write, but they never disregard me for that.  My world has changed once I recognized the importance of education and children’s rights,” said Mamum. “I’m hoping I could continue my education. Education brings a brighter future for all of us, and there’s finally hope!”

‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ Children Ministry Scheme

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