The Hope of Post-war Myanmar Children

Have you ever wondered how do children born in war think about life?

Ming (the name has been changed to protect the person’s confidentiality) was born in the Mon State during the onset of the civil war, who fled to the forest with his family. They would move from places to places within the woods every 1 to 2 months. Children could not go to school. Ming has witnessed all the violence and killings since he was born. She also saw children crying and wandering around after witnessing their parents’ death.

Ming told us that they had to flee from the village regardless of who is approaching, the government army or the rebels. She often thought to herself, “Why was I born?” as she experienced the cruel nature of human. She said she hadn’t think much above life before, where hope and future were so distant among the constant fleeing and escaping.

When she was 6 years old, Ming’s parents sent her and two of her siblings to a shelter ran by Full Moon in Yangon, while they left for their home to wait for the end of the war. Ming was hoping she could stay in Yangon and have a more comfortable life when she grows up, but that changed when she came to know Christ in Full Moon. She is now aiming to go back to her village at Mon State and spread the good news, hoping the people could rediscover their worth. She also wanted to improve the living conditions of the villagers through education, health services, and social work. She is pursuing her goals by studying BBA at the moment.

Ming’s parents have since been living in Mon State, similar to a lot of families who started to rebuild their homes there since 5 years ago. Ming’s mother was selected to undergo training in solar energy engineering a few years ago in India for 6 months, who became a technician and installed solar energy systems to provide electricity to the village.

Pray for Myanmar post-war families:

  • Praise the Lord for Full Moon’s dedication in nurturing Ming with love in the past 10 years, providing her the opportunities for tremendous growth;
  • Pray for the Full Moon shelter which houses over 330 war and disaster-struck children. Pray for God’s healing upon their lives that they could become their people’s and the society’s blessings.