Oppressions beyond Poverty: Child Sacrifice in Uganda

Candidates and their supporters would campaign for themselves when election days approach, often in the form of local campaigns, stations, and internet propagandas. Child sacrifice for the sake of election is unheard of in Hong Kong, but might not be so uncommon in Uganda, Africa.

The Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KSM) has recently uncovered cases of children sacrifices during the election for the sake of good results. KCM indicated that 9 children and 4 adults, and 7 children and 6 adults, have been sacrificed in 2014 and 2015 respectively. The incidents were terrifying to the locals and they had to make sure the safety of their children while they travel to and from school.

Child sacrifices in Uganda would go unrecognized if not for the recent discovery. Besides election, people had sacrificed children to gain advantages financially, in health, and in power. Some were even dismembered or being irreversibly damaged while being saved.

While we couldn’t do much physically during these horrific times, we could offer our immediate and important prayers and ask for the mercy of God. [Newsweek]

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world, where about 35% of its people live on under $1.25 USD per day. It was plagued with civil wars since declaring its independence from Britain in 1962. Millions of citizens lost their homes and over 60 thousand children were forced to bear arms. The war has seriously affected the economics of the country and medical facilities are extremely lacking. Ugandans’ average life span is less than 55 years, and they are seriously suffering under HIV, malaria, etc.

Verses for reflection:
The LORD is a jealous and avenging God;
The LORD is slow to anger but great in power; the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished.
The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him. (Nahum 1:2, 3, 7)

Pray for the Ugandans:

  • Pray for the spreading of the gospel of peace that purges the act of child sacrifice.
  • Pray that the belief that child sacrifice could bring fortune be debunked so that no more innocents would be killed.
  • Pray for vigilance for the locals to avoid children or innocents being captured.
  • Pray for the government so that it could guarantee the safety of its people.