Post-war Rebuilding in Myanmar

Education opportunities and safety are civilian rights that shall be protected by any governmental bodies. When such rights could not be guaranteed, external support is called for in order to maintain a stable society.

There is a dormitory besides a public school in Sandung, in Kachin State, which benefits the students who would otherwise spend a lot of time travelling to and from their homes. It is also the home of multiple orphans. The building is far from spacious, and houses close to 80 people (including caretakers, pastors, and teachers) at its peak, around 50 during academic holidays. The demand to expand became increasingly apparent to locals as they too are concerned with the living conditions and the tight personal spaces between the adolescents, as well as the need to provide appropriate spaces to more school children to live with dignity.

School and dormitory, besides its functional usage, are the icons of peace in Myanmar. The war-ridden country has long been sending its people fleeing into the jungles, who would only return when the situation stabilizes, the major indications of which include newly built schools and dormitories.

CEDAR and its partners are actively aiding the post-war rebuilding efforts in Myanmar.

How you could pray for Myanmar:

  • Pray for the safety of Burmese people.
  • Pray for the political state of Myanmar and for a long-lasting peace for the people.
  • Pray for the government and different parties of Myanmar for effective post-war rebuilding.