Share the blessings of Lunar New Year to bring the hope to those in need overseas

Happy Lunar New Year! We always wish to have a good start in the beginning of the year, so we will make the wishes or set the goals to make the changes. However, we often have limitations from our circumstance. It is not always possible for us to change just from on our own efforts, so we need the help from others.

 Like many Bangladesh children, Chironijt lives under the poverty. When he was just a baby, his parent divorced and left home. He lives with his grandfather, 2 elder brothers and one younger brother in a small hut until now. Chironijt and his younger brother Ronijt were too little to do any kinds of physical labour, neither worked to paddy field with his elder brothers nor fished with his grandfather. Their family income were not enough for even the most basic necessities, so they lived very hard and could not let the brothers of Chironijt to study. It seems their fates were sealed.

One day, some teachers from a school visited the village that Chironijt lived. After the villagers told the teachers about the situation of the brothers Chironjit and Ronjit, the teachers visited Chiroijt’s family and knew more about their situation. The teachers suggested Chironijt’s grandfather to let Chironijt and Ronijtgo to go to their school, but Chironijt’s grandfather declined. Chironijt’s grandfather thought they could not even let them eat enough, so it was impossible to send them to school. However, the teacher told him World Concern Bangladesh has operated the school for those children whose situations like Chironijt and they did not need to repeat the situation that Chironijt’s elder brothers faced. After listening to what the teachers said, Chironijt’s grandfather realized the importance of the children to study and promised the teachers that he would send Chironijt and Ronijt to school for proper education. Finally, Chironijt got admitted in the school that World Concern Bangladesh operating in 2011 and Ronijt the same school two years later. Chironijt’s grandfather was very happy to these two grandsons receive regular education to this date. Meanwhile, it is precious for the school of World Concern Bangladesh has good enrollment rate by secondary education, especially in the Bangladesh where literacy rate is low.

CEDAR has “Red Packet Campaign” every year to encourage the church and Christians to share their love and blessings to the overseas poor families. Also, there is ‘Pass the “Gut”–Goodness.Gracious’ Campaign to let the student learn to share when they are young and help the needy in Asia and Africa to exit the poor situation. Joining “Red Packet Campaign” or ‘Pass the “Gut”–Goodness.Gracious’ Campaign can help the children like Chironijt and Ronijt to go to school. Also, it can let them and their families have the hope to change their life.

May we invite all of you consider to share what we have in this Lunar New Year to give the helping hand to overseas needy and change their life. It may also change your own life.

  •  Pray for World Concern Bangladesh. May God use the planning of those schools and prepare enough money and people to work for schools.
  • Pray that the children who do not receive education currently will be arranged suitable education. May God persuade the parents the importance of education.
  • Pray for “Red Packet Campaign” or ‘Pass the “Gut”–Goodness.Gracious’ Campaign. May God bless the heart of His churches and believers, so that they will share their blessings to those in need overseas.

If you are interested in joining “Red Packet” and “Pass the ‘Gut’” campaigns, please visit our webpage or call 2381 9627 and contact Ms Kwan or Mr. Tang.