We Wish a Fruitful Year for the Poor Families from Afar

The Chinese New Year is one of the most anticipated festivals for children, because the elderly will give them red pockets for new-year blessings.  No matter how naughty or shy the children are in the rest of the year, they will greet their parents and elderly to get a red pocket.

We are not the only ones who desire new-year blessings, families from afar wish the same thing.  Like the Ethiopian kid Tseganesh, the whole family depends on father’s job as a security guard of the market.  The reward for his job is only a small blue cargo container where the whole family (10 people) live.  The family of Tseganesh has just enough income, the Chinese blessings “A safe home and a happy life at work” and “Have more than you need every year” would really make a huge impact on them.

Every Chinese New Year, CEDAR encourages churches, Christians and children to send blessings to Asian and African families in property through the “Red Packet” and “Pass the ‘Gut’” campaigns.  By supporting the community development projects, we can share our joy with not only our family, but other families from afar.

In the past, Tippawan, a lady living in Northern Thailand Chiang Mai participated in the Women’s Group organised by CEDAR’s partner Thai-Lahu Foundation (TLF) and received agricultural training and micro-loans.  She set up a small pond in the backyard to farm catfish and coffee tree to increase family income and improve their living standard.

We pray for the impoverished families:

  • We pray that God will bless the heart of His churches and believers, so that they will share their blessings based on their abilities and interpretation of Your will.
  • May the Lord use the “Red Packet” and “Pass the ‘Gut’” campaigns to support the community development projects in the poor and disadvantaged communities, based on their needs. We pray that this will improve their living standard and income.

If you are interested in joining “Red Packet” and “Pass the ‘Gut’” campaigns, please visit our webpage or call 2381 9627 and contact Ms Kwan or Mr. Tang.