Sustainable Development Starts with Literacy

Not everyone enjoys the benefit of education, in India where less than 3/4 of the adult population are literate, disease, early marriage, and child labour have made it extremely difficult for children to be educated.

In July this year, CEDAR’s staff visited our local partner Christian Missions Charitable Trust (CMCT) and those families of children receiving the benefits in order to know more about their living condition. Our partner CMCT serves in Chennai in Southern India, which has the highest suicide rate in the country.  There, household income varies widely and the children who are being supported live in worse condition than the slums of New Delhi.

Currently, CMCT provides basic needs support to children living in poverty. A number of these children face family problems (e.g. alcoholic father, absentee mother) on top of their already tough living conditions, which is definitely not an ideal environment to grow in. Our partner provides emotional support, psychological and spiritual development through regular house visits and gatherings.  In order to respond to the needs of the children and their families in a more holistic way, they serve the local slum communities by running schools, providing medical services, vocational training and food support for elderly.  A number of beneficiary children study in schools operated by our partner and they have demonstrated satisfactory academic performance.  Some even finished their Master degrees, got desirable jobs and are leading a faithful Christian life.

CEDAR and our partners share the hope of giving children living in poverty a chance to sustainably develop their potential.  A sustainable community requires building up of relevant knowledge, skills, attitude and values.  Literacy is a prerequisite to learning and developing people’s capacity.  8 September has been designated as International Literacy Day.  The theme for this year is “Literacy and Sustainable Societies”. We pray that more and more children and teenagers can receive education and develop sustainable future for themselves and their societies.

We pray that:

  • Thank God for our partner CMCT’s effort in the past year, which supported over 200 children and teenagers living in poverty to receive education and basic needs support; pray that they will continue to grow healthily and their living condition will be improved.
  • We rejoice in knowing that graduates who received support from partner CMCT are now serving their communities with their professional knowledge and extending the blessings and care in the process.  May the Lord continue to bless and lead them, and sustain the development in the impoverished communities in India.

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