“Inside Out” and Post-disaster Rehabilitation?

Education is very important to the development of children. For those living in poor and developing countries, education is a critical and an effective way to lift them out of the poverty trap. In most of CEDAR’s project countries in Asia and Africa, there are projects to improve the quality of education and its accessibility.

In Hong Kong, CEDAR has a different role to play in regard to education. Instead of working to improve children’s basic education, we strive to educate both children and adults on global poverty issues. Through talks, experiential workshops and field trips, we hope to help participants understand more about poverty and other related issues, and to explore how they could respond and contribute.

Good habits start young! Last week, our staff organised a fun Sunday school a group of children at a church in Tai Kok Tsui. The children role-played as counselors during a disaster relief to help the affected people identify their “fear”, “sadness”, “Anger” and “Disgust”, while bringing them “joy”. There were also little “engineers” building temporary shelters for disaster survivors. Through this kind of interactive workshop, we hope that even young children could feel the helplessness of the needy and realise that no act of kindness is too small!


  • May God open the eyes and hearts of people in Hong Kong that they will be more aware of global poverty issues and show compassion for the poor and needy
  • May God grant wisdom and strength to CEDAR staff in their work to educate people on the needs of the world