Nepal Earthquake Relief: After One Month – the Risk is Still Here

On April 25, a magnitude-7.9 earthquake struck Nepal and brought severe damages to 14 provinces in the middle part of the country. The quake has killed over 8,600 people and injured close to 21,000, leaving 750,000 houses in ruins. Two weeks after, on May 12, east of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu was hit by another magnitude-7.4 quake. With their lives under threat again, the affected people couldn’t help but ask, “Can the quake stop? It’s enough!”

According to a missionary who has served in Nepal for over eight years, a relatively strong earthquake would hit Nepal every 80 years, and many have suspected that the latest one might happen around these few years. Unfortunately, the government of Nepal did not make the necessary disaster preparation. The local infrastructures and properties were just too weak to survive such a strong quake.

In the past month, CEDAR has responded to the needs of the affected in Nepal through these three areas:

1. Joint Relief Operation of Integral Alliance

Integral Alliance (IA) connects 21 Christian relief and development organisations around the world, so that together they may respond more effectively to the needs of the poor. 19 member organisations including CEDAR have taken part in the Nepal Earthquake relief.

CEDAR focuses on supporting the distribution of relief items such as tents, blankets, food, water purification tablets in these areas, benefitting close to 1,600 households:

  • Makwanpur, Nuwakot, Lalitpur, Dhading, Sindhupalchwok, Chitwan and Sarlahi
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2. Support Network of Nepalese Church and other Christian Community

After the quake, the local churches and Christian community in Nepal have set up a network named “Disaster Relief Christian Community (DRCC)” and launched the first stage of relief operation, which includes:

  • Setting up 9 temporary medical centres in Shindhupalchowk, Gorkha, Lalitpur, Dhading and Kathmandu
  • Distributing tents, food and water purification tablets in different affected areas

Apart from supporting the relief operation of DRCC, a co-worker from CEDAR and a missionary originated from Hong Kong who speaks fluent Nepalese will soon go to Nepal, to learn more about the relief work of National Churches Fellowship of Nepal and other local churches, and to provide training and support accordingly.

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3. Connection with the Nepalese churches in Hong Kong

  • Contacted the pastors of the Nepalese churches in Hong Kong to understand the situation and needs of the Nepalese community residing in Hong Kong
  • Pastor Raju of Nepali Union Church Hong Kong went to Nepal on May 9. He spent two weeks in Nepal and discussed with many local churches regarding the next phase of relief operations

nepalquake20150527-8A joint prayer meeting on 8 May

When the second phase of relief and rehabilitation begins, CEDAR will continue to support our partners to:

  • Distribute relief items to the affected communities
  • Launch agricultural recovery work
  • Provide psychosocial support and disaster risk management training
  • Protect affected children and prevent human trafficking
  • Repair and rebuild schools and houses

Please continue to support the disaster relief and recovery work in Nepal! Your donation can bring emergency relief, post-trauma support, and rehabilitation to those affected by the earthquake.

Prayer support:

  • The Government of Nepal has announced that all schools will resume in the first week of June. However, according to a lawyer in UCPN, the Government has not made any arrangement to set up temporary learning centres. Please pray for the livelihood recovery and rehabilitation in Nepal. May God grant wisdom to the Government that she may come up with a sound rehabilitation plan and execute it effectively.
  • As Nepal enters its rain season in June, there are increased chances of landslide and debris flows, which not only affect the relief operation but also the safety of the villagers in mountainous areas. May God protect those villagers and look after the coordination of all relief work during the rain season. Pray also for the safety of all relief workers on the frontline.

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*Integral Alliance is a global alliance of 20 Christian relief and development agencies, working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide.